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Internet browser

The browser Mozilla Firefox is the default application for all user PCs at Siegen University Library


Printing from the browser

You can print pages directly from the printer icon in the icon bar or via the menu item "File" -> "Print" (alternatively the keys "Ctrl" and "P").

Please note that many websites are optimized for display on the screen and hold for printing a special layout; this is usually characterized by a printer icon or a special button at the bottom of the page.


Two-sided printing (duplexing)

Print jobs can run on both sides. When choosing the printer "Drucksystem der Universität Siegen" you can select several tabs, the tab "Page Setup" in the menu item "Two Sided" "duplexed ('Bind long side')"  instead of the default "One Sided" can be selected.


Save / Open Documents

Many web sites documents are not available as web pages, but in other formats:

  • PDF documents : By clicking on the PDF file in Adobe Reader opens.
  • Office files  (Word, PowerPoint, Excel files, etc.): These files only store locally (Mouse over the document name, right-click, "Save Target As", given directory retained). Open via export function.

Already stored files such as PDF documents open again on the bookmark "Local export files" or via the export function.

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