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  • Sonja Schäfer
    H - B 6403
    Tel.: 0271/740-3622
  • Ronja Gottschling (Deputy)
    AR - UB 208
    Tel.: 0271/740-4368

University Archive

The task of the University Archive is to keep, develop and preserve for permanent use records of legal and historical value as well as other documents from the academic and administrative institutions of the University, which are no longer needed for ongoing official  business. The documents and files collected serve as legal security, evidence of administrative actions and as historical sources. The Archive of the University of Siegen, established in 1996, was incorporated into the University Library in May 2004.

The collection of materials from the University of Siegen is supplemented by records from the previous institutions, which date back to the middle of the 19th century (files of the Wiesenbauschule).

In addition to the archived administrative records, all those documents are collected which reflect the development of the University in general, its individual institutions as well as the scientists teaching there. Official printed matter, such as examination and doctoral regulations, are just as interesting for the University history as photos, film and sound documents. The bequests and collections of University members deserve special attention.

Beside the actual archival work, the University Archive provides a considerable number of services for other institutions (e.g. examination offices) of the University.

The University Archive is not responsible for issuing study time certificates, transcripts of records and copies of certificates. Please contact the responsible administrative office or the examination office.

The use of the University Archive is subject to the applicable legal regulations.


Inventory Overview (in German)

Usage regulations (in German)

Guideline (in German) on the retention,  discarding, archiving and destruction of documents at the University of Siegen. Published in the Amtlichen Mitteilungen (Official  Communications of the University of Siegen, in German) No. 14/2019 of 5 June 2019.

Publication on the University Archive:
Querschnitt. Newspaper of the University of Siegen (in German). Issue No. 1/January 2010, page 11


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