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On Saturday, 20 August 2022, the Main Library Adolf-Reichwein-Straße (AR) will be closed for work on the electrical power supply.

Here you can find programs which are necessary for some of our offers or are just helpful. Due to licencing reasons, some links lead to the download sites of the manufacturers. Please take note of the terms of use and licence of the manufacturers.

Software for usage of our products

The necessary software is already installed on our public work workstations.

  • Adobe Reader

    Necessary to view PDF files. This is the format in which most of our electronic resources are available.

    As an alternative, you can view PDF files via the build in PDF-Viewer in some browsers, although this could cause display problems with some eRessources.

    There are also other PDF-Viewer which often are build slimmer, like FreePDF, Foxit-Reader and more.

    Available for most operating systems.

  • Adobe Flash Player

    Please take note that the distributer of Flash Player will not longer support this software. You can find further informations at Adobe's website

  • VPN Client

    A VPN-Client allows you to access
    licensed databases, e-books and electronical newspapers of the university library from outside of the University of Siegen’s own network.  ( additional information)

    As an alternative the access via
    Shibboleth is often possible.

    Available for nearly all operating systems.


Literature management programs

  • Citavi

    Campus licence of the literature management program with pre-defined profile for the University of Siegen.

    Available only for Windows.

General Software

  • Firefox

    The browser Firefox is free of charge and one of the most frequent used browsers. Its range of functions can be expanded easily with the use of Add-Ons.

    Available for most operating systems.

  • OpenOffice | LibreOffice | FreeOffice

    Free office program packets to read and edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint files.

    Available for most operating systems.