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Central Information
Main Library Hölderlinstraße (H), floor 5

Tel.: 0271/740-4203

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Library of Siegen University A - Z

A - Z is a list of English keywords concerning services and technical terms related to the Library of Siegen University for which explanations in English are available.




Schooling courses
Self-service terminals
Service hours
Shelving of the media
To enable students and staff of the University of Siegen to access services of certain external providers and protected web content, the ZIMT operates the authorisation and authentication service Shibboleth.
The University Library of Siegen offers authentication via Shibboleth for various e-Ressources (databases, eBooks, electronic journals).

Short-term loan
see: Lending period

Siegerland Collection
Literature on the Siegerland and the neighbouring regions.
see: Office-programmes (Openoffice)
Storing and exporting files
Study rooms for groups (in German)
To make a reservation of a study room for groups (in German)
Subject classification
Subject codes for journals
Suggestions and comments
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