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Siegerland Collection

In addition to its function as a scientific institution at the University of Siegen, the University Library is also the only larger academic library in the area. As such, we have also taken on the task of collecting, indexing and making available the literature on the Siegerland region and, in a narrow selection, the neighbouring regions - Bergisches Land, Sauerland, Wittgensteiner Land, Dillkreis, Ederhochland and Westerwald.

Beyond extensive monographs, the profile of the Siegerland Collection also includes smaller works, such as club publications, self-published works, publications by churches, schools and authorities; we collect popular scientific publications as well as entertainment and popular literature (hiking guides, fairy tales and poetry books, schoolbooks, illustrated books, etc.) and as well as scientific presentations. The main focus is on history, geography, regional studies, art history, economics and cultural anthropology. Since 2000 we also offer the Jung-Stilling-Archive of the Jung-Stilling-Gesellschaft e.V. within the collection.

The collection is arranged in the library’s stack according to the subject classification system of the library; with the appropriate system points, individual titles can be searched thematically via our Katalog plus. For a better protection of the collection, most of the volumes can only be used in the library.


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