Information on Circulation

On Monday, July 4, all library locations will not open until 10 a.m. due to an internal event.

Borrowing and Returning Media

The collection of books in the library is sorted systematically and is open to access. In order to find the book you are looking for please make use of our Katalog plus.
In your catalogue search you can find out where the medium is located in the library by clicking on the title and you can see if this medium is available for loan or not, if necessary place a loan reservation.

In our open access library you can pick up the books you need yourself and take them to one of the circulation desks for borrowing together with your library card or the USiCard activated for library use. In the Main Library Adolf-Reichwein-Straße (AR) and in the branch library Unteres Schloss (US) there are also self-service terminals available.
Media from our stacks and audio-visual media from the media collection have to be ordered via the Katalog plus.

Media with a white or green call number tag can be borrowed from the library. Media with a red call number tag are part of the non-lending collection and cannot be borrowed from the library.

The lending period is usually 60 days. If the item in question has been reserved by another library user this period is shortened and you will be informed about the new lending period in writing or via e-mail. Please adhere to the lending periods since you will be charged a fine for overdue loans from the first day after the deadline.

Borrowed media are to be tended with due care and to be kept safe from harm of all kind. Please inform us about any damages or markings inside the book before borrowing the item. If damages are noted on return of the item, the lender will be held responsible.

Borrowed  media can be returned at every circulation desk, return by post is also possible.
To avoid complaints please always check your user account.

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Extending Lending Period

You can extend lending periods yourself online by login into your user account.
The extension has to be done before the lending period runs out otherwise you will be charged a fine for overdue loans.
If a medium has been reserved by another user, extending the lending period is no longer possible. Please return the item in question on time.

Please present media with expired lending period at one of our circulation desks to return them or to have the lending period renewed and pay the fines.
Extending the lending period of items from interlibrary loan can only be done by presenting the item in question together with the pink interlibrary loan form at one of the circulation desks.
Extending the lending periods via phone is not possible.

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Log in to your User Account with a Password

In order to log into your user account please use your library card number (UBSI…) or the USiCard number (on the back of the USiCard, directly under the barcode) if the USiCard has been activated for library use, and your password.

When you pick up your library card in the Main Library Adolf-Reichwein-Straße (AR) you also receive a password that enables you to do the following things yourself:

Please change your password at first use in your user account. The new password is valid immediately.

If you have forgotten your password, you can request a new password in the user account in the Katalog plus via the function "Forgotten your password? Your data will be transmitted via a secure server.


We recommend a password with at least 8 characters, maximum 20 characters are allowed. It should contain characters from 3 out of the following 4 groups:
    Small letters: a, b, c, ...
    Capital letters: A, B, C, ...
    Numbers: 1, 2, 3, ...
    Special characters: + , . - ! $ & / ( ) = ? * ; : _ @

The following characters should not be used because they can cause problems when logging in:
    Mutated vowels ä, Ä, ö, Ö, ü, Ü
    ß (Eszett / Scharfes S)
    Special characters: ^ # < > { } [ ] % ' \ ~ | § ° €

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Placing Loan Reservations

If a medium is lent out to another user, you can place a reservation on that item via the button “Vormerken” (“Request”) in the Katalog plus. Beforehand you should check whether the library has more items of the same kind available for loan (maybe in other parts of the library or in one of the branch libraries).
When the item in question is returned you will be informed that the item has been reserved for you and can be picked up at the respective (branch) library.
If you have registered your e-mail address you will be informed free of charge. Postage for information on reserved media sent via mail will be charged to your user account.

In your user account you have an overview over placed reservations and reserved media now available to you. There you can also delete reservations on media you no longer require.

By reserving media the lending period of the item(s) in question will be shortened. You can find the new due date and thus the new availability date in the overview over your reservations in your user account after 1-2 days.

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Lost or Damaged Media

According to the Benutzungsordnung der Universitätsbibliothek Siegen (Library regulations) you are required to pay compensation for damages to or the loss of library property.

In the case of losing an item please refer to one of our circulation desks in the library or complete the form for media loss/media damage.

In the case of damage to an item please present the item in question together with the form for media loss/media damage at one of our circulation desks.

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Fine for Overdue Loans

Please adhere to lending periods for borrowed media since you will be charged a fine for overdue loans from the first day after the deadline. Please note that these fines are due regardless of the time of dispatch and reception of reminders.

The fines for overdue loans are calculated according to the Gebühren- und Entgeltordnung der Universitätsbibliothek Siegen (Charges and compensation regulations of the University Library of Siegen).
The fines for exceeding lending periods are:

  • Up to 10 days EUR 2.- per medium
  • Up to 20 days EUR 5.- per medium
  • Up to 30 days EUR 10.- per medium
  • Up to 40 days EUR 20.- per medium

These fines, except the ones you have received an official letter for („Leistungsbescheid“), can be paid in cash or via ec-card at the pay machine in the Main Library Adolf-Reichwein-Straße (AR).
Payment of pending charges will lead to immediate exoneration of your user account and includes a receipt.
You will need your library card or library card number for the payment.
In the branch libraries you can pay your charges at the circulation desks.
Please keep in mind:
To borrow a medium implies that your user account is free of charges. Therefore please pay your fees before you borrow a medium.

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Note on e-Mail Notifications

By registering your e-mail address the following notifications will only be sent via e-mail:

  • Notification on available books you reserved
  • Notification on available interlibrary loan items you ordered
  • Notification on upcoming lending period expiration
  • Return request on reserved items
  • First, second and third overdue notice

Further reminders for pending return of overdue items will be sent as a letter via mail or interoffice mail.

Please note especially:
The University Library is not liable for using incorrect user e-mail addresses.
The library user carries the risk of any e-mail messages / notifications that are not received.
Library users are themselves responsible for adhering to the expiration of lending periods, irrespective of notifications received or not.
In your own interest keep an eye on your e-mail account’s In Box as well as your letter box.
Correspondence via e-mail can only be guaranteed during the opening hours of the Zentrale Benutzungsdienste (Central services for users).

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