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Call number

Branch Libraries ENC, H and PB will close on December 3. Main Library AR and Branch Library US are open with general mask obligation. Work places in the library usable for attending online courses.

In libraries every medium has a call number, the call number of a book or a journal can be found in the Katalog plus.

The call number of a book:

The call number leads you to the exact location of the book in the library. The call numbers of the University Library of Siegen are structured according to a fixed scheme:

Aufbau einer Monografiensignatur

The two-digit location code (beginning of the call number) tells you in which building and on which level the book is located. The system classification/notation provides information about the subject of the book. For example, the notation “QSL” stands for nature conservation and environmental law. The entire media stock of the University Library is arranged thematically, i.e. according to a classification system, so that books on the same topic are in the same place. The consecutive numbering serves to distinguish individual titles with the same system classification/notation.

Also an edition number in brackets, a copy number with a plus sign + or a volume count with a minus sign - can be added.

The call numbers of the textbook collection contain additional information about the type of school and grade and the type of textbook materials.

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The call number of a journal:

It helps you find the journal in the library. The structure follows a fixed scheme:

Aufbau einer Zeitschriftensignatur


The two-digit location code (beginning of the call number) tells you in which building and on which level of the library the magazine or newspaper is located. The subject code for journals combines all journals to one subject area at the same location; for example, subject number 40 stands for the subject history.

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