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Location code
(Call number starts with)

00 / 01

General reference works: biographies, science studies (AAA-ALQ)

H, floor 4 

General reference works: Journalism, book studies, library and information sciences (ALR-AZY)(see also: 90/91), encyclopediasW, floor 0
Daily newspapers

H, floor 4 and
W, floor 1

PeriodicalsW, floor 1
02 up to 05Monographs, all subjectsAR-D, stack
Literature collection concerning the Sieg Region (Siegerlandsammlung) (ZXA-ZXZ)W, stack
04 Reference resources and materials, encyclopedias (AAB-AAC) W, floor 0
Bound periodicals, back runs

W, floor 0 and
W, floor 1

Periodicals (ZZZ)
Bibliografies (AAN-ZLP)
W, floor 2
Bound newspapersW, floor 3
05Collection of literature for children and teenagers (BSJ-BSM) W, floor 1
06Periodicals in economics, back runsW, floor 0
07Periodicals in mathematics and physics, back runsENC, stack
08Archive stockW, stack
09Doctoral dissertations, all subjectsH, stack
10 / 11Linguistics and literary studies (BEA-BSI)
W, floor 1
W, floor 0
German studies (BTA-DDZ)
W, floor 1
W, floor 0
English studies (DEA-EOZ), Romance studies (EPA-FZZ), other philologies (GTA-HGZ)

W, floor 2
W, floor 0

12DictionariesW, floor 1
20 / 21Music (KGA-KKR), theology (ILA-IVZ)
Bound periodicals
Current issues

H, floor 5
W, floor 0
H, floor 5

History (KXA-MQZ)
Bound periodicals
Current issues
H, floor 4
W, floor 0
H, floor 4
Arts (JXA-KFZ), media studies (KKS-KNZ), sports (KOA-KWZ)
W, floor 2
W, floor 0
Philosophy (HIA-HPZ), psychology (HQA-HXZ), education, social education, social services (HYA-IKZ), authors in humanities and social sciences(IWA-JWZ)AR - D
30 / 31 Social sciences (NOA-NWZ), sociology (NXA-OSZ), political science (OTA-PGZ)AR - D
32 /33

Business sciences, in general (PHA-PND)
Economics (PNH-PYP)
Business administration (PZA-QHA)
Economic and social statistics (QFA-QHA)
Economic education and vocational studies (QHN-QKU)

US, floor 0 and
US, floor 1
Business informatics (QGT-QGTX)
US, floor 1
38 / 39European Documentation CentreUS, floor 0
40 / 41Natural sciences (STA-SZZ), mathematics (TAA-TSZ), computer science (TTA-TZZ),
chemistry (UNA-UZZ)
W, floor 2
Geo sciences (MRA-NMZ)W, floor 2
Biology (VNA-VTZ), medicine (VUA-VZZ)W, floor 3
40 / 42

Bound periodicals medicine and natural sciences (astronomy, biology)

W, floor 1
Bound periodicals geo sciencesW, floor 0
Current issues medicine, natural sciences (astronomy, biology) and geo sciencesW, floor 0
44Periodicals physics ENC

Bound periodicals chemistry
Current issues

W, floor 1
W, floor 0
48 / 49

Physics (didactics)
Bound periodicals physics (didactics)
Current issues

W, floor 2
W, floor 1
W, floor 0

50 / 51Electrical engineering (XVA-YHZ), Computer science (TTA-TZZ)
Periodicals, curent issues
H, floor 4
Bound periodicals electrical engineering (50-88...), computer science (50-64...), mechanical engineering (50-85...), technology, other fields (50-91...)W, floor 1
52 / 53

Architecture, town-planning, civil engineering, surveying:

Monographs WSA-WWZ
Monographs WXA-XHZ

PB, ground floor, right
PB, intermediate floor
52Bound periodicals architecture, town-planning, civil engineering, surveyingPB, upper floor
54 / 55Mechanical engineering (XIA-XUZ), technology (ZEA-ZWZ)PB, ground floor, left
60 / 61Mathematics, physics, astrophysics (VDA-VET)ENC
62 / 63Mathematics (didactics)ENC
70 / 72DVDs, CDs, CD-ROMs, AV-materials, language courses (multimedia sets), microfilms, microfichesW, stack

Textbook collection linguistics and literary studies (BEA-HGZ), media studies (KKS-KNZ)

W, floor 0

Textbook collection other humanities and social sciences

AR - D
74DVDs, CDs,CD-ROMs, AV-materialsUS, floor 0, Information

Textbook collection economics, law

US, floor 0
77Textbook collection natural sciences (biology and chemistry)W, floor 0
78DVDs, CDs,CD-ROMs, AV-materialsENC, circulation desk
80DVDs, CDs,CD-ROMs, AV-materialsH, circulation desk
81Textbook collection electrical engineering, computer scienceH, floor 4
82 / 84DVDs, CDs,CD-ROMs, AV-materialsPB, circulation desk
83 / 85Textbook collection architecture, town-planning, civil engineering, surveying, mechanical engineering, technologyPB, ground floor, right
90 / 91Library and information sciences (see also: 00/01)W, floor 0
92 / 93Kreuzer BequestAR-D, stack
99Class book collectionAR - D
KW, stack
R, RZAR-D, stack
N, S, TW, floor 1
ZF, ZPW, floor 2
ZW, floor 0
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