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Lending period

The lending period is usually 60 days. If the item in question has been reserved by another library user this period is shortened and you will be informed about the new lending period in writing or via e-mail. Please adhere to the lending periods since you will be charged a fine for overdue loans from the first day after the deadline.

The library guarantees a lending period of 30 days from the loan date for all items, that can be borrowed, marked in the catalogue with "Lending collection" or "Orderable/Lending collection". After the guaranteed lending period these media can be recalled early due to the reservation of another library user.

Loan periods can be read and extended in your user account.


Notifications, reminders, the first to third reminders and receipts are sent exclusively by e-mail. Fourth reminders and return orders will be printed as a letter and delivered by mail or by in-house mail.

Please note especially:
The University Library is not liable for using incorrect user e-mail addresses. For reasons of data protection, please only use personal e-mail addresses. The library user carries the risk of any e-mail messages / notifications that are not received. In your own interest keep an eye on your letter box.

Library users are themselves responsible for adhering to the expiration of lending periods, irrespective of notifications received or not.