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Pay machine

You can pay all your charges at the pay machine in the Main Library Adolf-Reichwein-Straße (AR), floor 0, except the ones you have received an official letter (“Leistungsbescheid”) for.
You will need your library card or your for the use of the library activated USiCard (back side of the card) for the payment and you can use cash or ec-cards/girocard.
Payment of pending charges will lead to immediate exoneration of your user account and includes a receipt.

By choosing “shop” at the pay machine you can also buy vouchers to pay for USB flash drives or printouts at the circulation desk.
The pay machine is also able to change money up to the sum of 10, - Euro (notes to coins and coins to notes) which might be useful to buy prepaid cards for printer terminals and copying machines.

Please keep in mind:
To borrow a medium implies that your user account is free of charges. Therefore please pay your fees before you borrow a medium.

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