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Self-service terminals

On May 4th, the Branch Libraries Weidenauer Straße (W) and Unteres Schloss (US) will open in a phase of minimal operation with order and collection service. From May 18th, interlibrary loan orders for books will be possible again. More ...

Self-service terminals are available in the branch library Unteres Schloß (US).

Books can be borrowed independently at the self-service terminals and returned at the return machine.

Lending of media:
Select "Check out" at the terminal and scan your library card on the marked field above the glass plate of the terminal. Then place all media to be borrowed on the glass plate of the terminal (individually or in stacks).
A receipt can be printed after the booking has been completed.

Can not be booked:
- Non-lending collection (location code 32)
- Reserve collections
- Non-book media (CDs, DVDs etc.)
- Interlibrary loans
- Periodicals

Please contact the information desk for this.

If media are not booked properly, an acoustic signal sounds when leaving the library. In such a case, please contact the information desk immediately.

Paying of fees:
Payments are only possible in cash (coins and notes). Please contact the information desk.

Returning of books:
A return machine is available in the branch library Unteres Schloß (US) for returning borrowed media.

Only print media from the branch library Unteres Schloß (US) can be returned here.
Please place each medium individually in the opening of the device. Finally, a receipt for the returned media can be printed out.

If books are not accepted by the machine, please contact the information desk.