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AR am 01.12.2020, 10:50 Uhr
44 Besucher 156 freie Plätze
ENC am 01.12.2020, 10:50 Uhr
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H am 01.12.2020, 10:50 Uhr
2 Besucher 48 freie Plätze
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US am 01.12.2020, 10:50 Uhr
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Locker System

Branch Libraries ENC, H and PB will close on December 3. Main Library AR and Branch Library US are open with general mask obligation. Work places in the library usable for attending online courses.

Electronic Locker System

Initialisation terminal (right) and lockers
Initialisation terminal (right) and lockers

Prepaid card as locker key

You will need a prepaid card of the latest generation (without a visible chip) to use the electronic locker system in the Main Library Adolf-Reichwein-Straße (AR) and in the branch library Unteres Schloß (US).

Prepaid cards can be purcharsed by paying a deposit of 5 Euro at a sale and charging station for prepaid cards.
Please note: The station accepts only 5 Euro notes. Previous prepaid cards with visible chip can be returned or changed at ZIMT-Userservice.

The prepaid card has to be initialised once before it can be used as a locker key.


How to initialise a prepaid card as locker key

One of the terminals that you will need to initialise a prepaid card is placed in the Main Libray Adolf-Reichwein-Straße (AR), entrance, nearby the lockers, and in the branch library Unteres Schloß (US) on the left side of the main entrance, an other one is in the basement. 

Hold the prepaid card against the hand icon on the terminal.

As soon as the message "Card ready" appears, the card can be used also as a locker key.


Mode of operation of the locker system

In order to close the locker you have to push the prepaid card against the grey button underneath the locker number. The locker is closed now and can only be opened by your prepaid card.

If you should forget which locker you have used, you can display the locker number at the initialisation terminal by scanning the prepaid card.

It is only allowed to use and occupy the lockers during the opening hours of the library.




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