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Tips for the search for books

On Saturday, 20 August 2022, the Main Library Adolf-Reichwein-Straße (AR) will be closed for work on the electrical power supply.

 When it comes to find certain books from the University Library´s inventory, the following procedure is recommended:

Go to Katalog plus and enter (your) search terms in the "Search" field.

 As a rule, the author´s surname and one or two meaningful words from the book titel are sufficient.

You are searching for the book ,,

Eine musikalische Geschichte der Menschheit“ von Michael Spitzer. München, Riva 2021.

  • You don´t have to pay attention to upper and lower case letters..
  • Umlauts are also found in dissolved form and as a basic vowel.



Via the tab „Catalogue“, you get the hits from the holdings of the University Library.

Click on the title to call up the book you are looking for in the full display.


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At the end of the tab "Bibliographic information" the necessary inventory information and the call number of the book are displayed.


  • Lending collection "available" means the book is at its location and can be borrowed.
  • Lending collection "reservable" means the book is on loan, but you can reserve it.


Books that are not available in the University Library can be ordered via Interlibrary loan from other libraries.

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Find special media types



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