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Open Access in 60 seconds

Video about Open Access.(CC BY 3.0 DE)
Source: Brinken, Helene, Jonas Hauss, Jessika Rücknagel (2021).
Open Access in 60 seconds,

Funding for open access articles (in German)

Video about Funding for open access articles. (CC BY 3.0 DE)
Source: Brinken, Helene (2020). Finanzierung von Open-Access-Monographien,

Funding for open access monographs (in German)

Video about Funding for open access monographs.(CC BY 3.0 DE)
Source: Brinken, Helene (2020). Finanzierung von Open-Access-Monographien,

Open licenses for open research

Video about open licenses.(CC BY 3.0 DE)
Source: Brinken, Helene; Hauss, Jonas; Rücknagel, Jessika (2021). Open licenses for open research,

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Documents and guidelines


Open-Access-Policy of the University of Siegen

The University of Siegen promotes the principle of Open Access, which it expresses with the Open Access Policy adopted in March 2017.


Copyright in Academic Work - An Overview for Research, Teaching and Libraries

The guideline "Copyright in Academic Work" of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research explains the most important regulations on copyright for education and research in a practical and understandable way (Note: the guideline is based on the legal situation prior to the implementation of the Directive (EU) 2019/790 on copyright and related rights in the Digital Single Market).


Safeguarding good scientific practice

At the University of Siegen, the safeguarding of the principles of good scientific practice is obligatory. This includes basic principles and framework conditions of scientific practice, for which the University of Siegen offers a dedicated website: . Information can be found here on conflict management in the event of misconduct, on the implementation of equal opportunities and diversity, on Open Access and the handling of research data, as well as on the framework conditions of security-relevant research. An important aspect is also the implementation and communication of the Code of Conduct “Guidelines for Safeguarding Good Research Practice” of the German Research Foundation (DFG), which is mandatory for receiving funding from the DFG.


Recommendations of the German Council of Science and Humanities on Open Access

The German Council of Science and Humanities also supports the principle of Open Access and sees Open Access publications as a new standard. The „Empfehlungen zur Transformation des wissenschaftlichen Publizierens zu Open Access“ are intended to advance the transformation of the publishing system to Open Access and thus increase its performance.


DFG Position Paper on Scientific Publishing as the Basis of Science Assessment

With its position paper „Academic Publishing as a Foundation and Area of Leverage for Research Assessment“ the German Research Foundation (DFG) would like to present challenges and fields of action in the field of publishing and thus contribute to its further development in a way that is appropriate for science.