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On Wednesday, 27 Sept, the Branch Libraries ENC, H and PB will be closed due to an internal event. The Main Library AR and the Branch Library US will be open.


As an academic institution of the University of Siegen, we ensure the supply of literature and information for university members in research, teaching and studies. As the only larger scientific library in the area, we also support users from the Siegen-Wittgenstein region in their scientific information requirements, insofar this is compatible with the university's supply. In this function, the maintenance of the Siegerland Collection is of particular importance.

Our services

We provide an up-to-date collection of books that primarily covers the university's range of disciplines. In addition to the printed media, we are continuously expanding our digital information offering.

We access the entire collection from both formal and factual points of view and fully document it in our media catalogs.

With the distribution of the portfolio to five different locations, we guarantee direct professional and thematic access to the relevant information for the respective faculties.

We obtain scientific literature that is not available from us worldwide via interlibrary loan.

We enable the electronic publication of dissertations and other documents from the University of Siegen via the publication and document server OPUS Siegen.

We offer a large number of individual and group workplaces for working in the Library.

As part of a differentiated training program, we impart important skills for targeted information research.