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Tips for the Search for Essays

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Author, title and source are known

You know the author and the titel of the article/essay and also know in which journal or  compilation the article was published.


If it is an essay that has been published in a compilation, look for the title of the compilation

in Katalog plus via the ,,Search“ field ( see Tips for the search for books).

Example: You are looking for an essay by Nicole Becker: „Der Stellenwert biologischer Erklärungsmuster in der Debatte über ADHS“. In: Mietzner, Ulrike (ed.): Pädagogische Anthropologie – Mechanismus einer Praxis. Weinheim: Beltz, 2007, pp. 186-201.




If it is an article that is printed in a journal, search for the titel of the journal in Katalog plus using the „Search“ field ( see also Tips for searching journals and newspapers). However, if entering the journal title delivers too many hits, please use „Advanced search“, and enter the journal titel in the field „Full Title“.

Example: You are looking for the article by Sandra Hofmann: „Präventionsprojekt Zappelphilipp“. In „Soziale Arbeit, 57 (2008) 2, pp. 58-63.



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Author and titel of the essay are known; the source is unknown

No articles are listed in the catalogue of the University Library, ie under the tab „Catalogue“ of Katalog plus; only those publications are listed in which articles are published, i.e. books and journals.

 However articles can be found in Katalog plus under the tab „Essays and more“, because here  numerous bibliographical databases are searched, which list in particularly essay literature.

 Enter some meaningful words from the essay title in the „Search“ field.

Your hit list will be limited to hits from bibliographical databases, which you can find under the tab „Essays and more“.

Below a hit you will find  the button „How do I get it“. Here you can find out who owns the journal or anthology in which the desired article is listed:

  • If the University Library owns the journal or the anthology, the corresponding inventory   information and call number will appear.
  • If the source is freely available on the Internet, you can retrieve it immediately.
  • If it is neither true that the University Library has the source in stock nor the free availability, you can order the essay via Interlibrary loan. In this case you will be offered an order form which is  already completely filled in with the bibliographical information.
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Search for essays on a specific topic

Search for essays on a specific topic

The use of subject-specific bibliographies and databases is recommended for the thematic search for  essays. These research tools usually offer a variety of search options for a targeted literature searches on a specific topic. Particulary helpful are searches using keywords and key phrases or the use of offered indices and / or thesauri.

Printend bibliographies can be found at the locations of the respective subjects; you can access the bibliographical databases via our eResources portal. If you have found a suitable article on your topic using a printed bibliography or a bibliographic database, please check whether the corresponding journal or the collective work in which the article was published is available at the University Library. Many databases offer a direct search option for this search step via the link  availability search. If this service is not available or you have identified articles via printed bibliographies, you have to search for the journals or the collections in which the articles have been published via Katalog plus and determine the availability in the inventory of the University Library by either

  • achieve a result via the „Catalogue“ tab


  • via the tab „Essays and more“  with the help of the availability query „How can i get it“ you can find out the stock of the University Library.


Further tips for literature search:

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