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Tips for the search for books

When it comes to find certain books from the University Library´s inventory, the following procedure is recommended:

Go to Katalog plus and enter known words from the title or the name of the author in the "Search" field.
As a rule, the author´s surname and one or two meaningful words from the book title are sufficient.

You are searching for the book ,Music sociology, written by Raphaël Nowak. New York, Routledge 2022.

  • You don´t have to pay attention to upper and lower case letters.
  • Umlauts (mutated vowels) are also found in dissolved form and as a basic vowel.

You get information about the loan status of a book in the list of the matching titles.

  • true "available" means,that the book is a its place on the shelf and can be used within the library rooms or loaned. Books, which are in a "Semesterapparat" are "availabe", too, because they can be used within the library rooms.

  • true"Check availability" means, the book is on loan. It can be reserved by you unless it is in an "Arbeitsapparat" of a university employee.
  • eBooks do not have a information sign besides the title.

Via click onto the title you reach the full title view and get information about the call number of the book:


Books that are not available in the University Library can be ordered via Interlibrary loan from other libraries.

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