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Tips for searching journals and newspapers

When it comes to find certain journals from the inventory of the University Library, the following procedure is recommended:

Call up the Katalog plus and enter one or more words from the journal title in the "Search" field.

You are looking for the journal "Journal of modern European history":

  • You don't have to pay attention to upper and lower case letters
  • Just enter meaningful words from the title and omit articles, prepositions and similar words
  • Umlauts are also found in dissolved form and as a basic vowel

On the tab "Catalogue", you can get the hits from the holdings of the University Library.

To restrict the hit list to journals, select the source type "Periodical" via "Refine search results".


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You can now select the required magazine title from the significantly smaller number of hits. Call it up by clicking on the title in full display:

In the list of the titles, you can see if it is an electronic or a physical journal.
All necessary information can be reached by clicking onto the title: location, call number or link to the electronic journal, if it is licenced by Siegen University Library or is freely available in the internet.
Furthermore you can see, which volumes and issues of the journal are accessible.





Alternatively, you can select the „Advanced Search“ to enter the complete journal title in Katalog plus.
Enter the exact journal title with all words (including articles etc.) in the „Full Title“ category.

This search option is particulary usefull if the title of the journal title consists of only one word.
If you need an article from a journal or newspaper that is not available at the University Library, you can order it via Interlibrary loan.


Find special types of journals:


Further tips for literature search: