Katalog plus
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Periodicals catalogues

Katalog plus of Siegen University Library

The Katalog plus contains all journals, newspapers and periodically published media (e.g. yearbooks) that are available in the university library. Licensed electronic journals are also included. Click the tab "Essays and more" to find journal articles.

Electronic Journals Library EZB

The EZB contains electronic journals of all subjects and indicates the accessibility of full text articles. A traffic-light symbol will tell you which volumes are available at Siegen University Library. You have access to journals subscribed to by Siegen University Libray and to journals which are freely accessible. By clicking on the button "i" you will obtain important information on the accessibility of journals.

Union Catalogue of Serials ZDB

The ZDB is the largest German database for journals and newspapers including holdings information. Journal articles are not contained. Holdings of Siegen University Library are displayed when you click on NRW ‹467› Siegen UB. There is no information on the accessibility of electronic journals at Siegen University Library! Please consult the EZB for information on electronic journals.