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Reserve Collections

In reserve collections, lecturers compile literature / media for their courses for the duration of a semester, unless special agreements have been made.

In addition to books and other media, you have the opportunity to integrate electronic full texts into your reserve collection in compliance with the applicable copyright law. These may be articles from specialist journals, excerpts from specialist books or textbooks or other documents relating to your courses. Links to freely accessible and/or external documents can also be included.

The University Library sets up the necessary access on its website for the registration and organizes the necessary provision, especially the scanning of articles from books and journals or the integration of existing electronic full texts (e.g. eBooks). The participants of the course can thus access the required literature directly and do not have to search and copy it in the library, which is time-consuming.

In order to give all students equal access to this literature, books from reserve book collections cannot be borrowed and can generally only be used in the library.

Books belonging to a reserve book collection are identified by colored cardboard strips (flags).
Please leave the colored cardboard strips in the books.

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Installation of a Reserve Collection

You can use the request form "Application for a reserve collection" to set up your individual reserve collection for the respective course. Please note that for authentication reasons you must have a personal library card for University staff in order to request a reserve collection.

Using the form, you provide data on the reserve collection to be set up (course title, unisono number, personal contact details, possibly the Moodle ID of your course, etc.) and also the information on the desired media (title, author, year of publication, etc., source of an essay (if applicable), possibly the URL of an electronic full text).

Special features of reserve collections with content in electronic form
Due to the applicable copyright law, reserve collection with digital content are only provided for a group of course participants and only with password protection. The electronic reserve collections are set up in cooperation with the Centre for Information and Media Technology (ZIMT) via the learning management system Moodle. Information on the use of Moodle can be found on the ZIMT website.

Materials of a reserve collection
Only media from the holdings of the University Library can be placed in the reserve collection or digitized for them. Literature missing in the stock will be purchased by us – as far as possible - according to your request. Materials from your private collection can also be processed.

In compliance with the applicable copyright law (UrhWissG, § 60)

  • 15% of a book,
  • individual articles from specialist journals as well as individual illustrations or similar small works,
  • out-of-print works in their entirety (works published before 1 January 1966 in books, specialist journals, newspapers or in other writings which belong to the library's stock and which are out of print in bookshops),
  • up to 15% of works intended for educational use in schools (school books)

be provided in electronic form in a reserve collection.

Articles from daily newspapers and magazines without an explicit scientific focus (so-called “kiosk magazines”) may not be digitized and offered via learning platforms.

Based on the literature references you enter, the University Library will digitize media to this extent or link to licensed electronic journals or books. You can also have printed text templates digitized by the University Library or have electronic full texts integrated into Moodle by the library.

The complete digitization of printed textbooks or specialist books is not possible.

Please note that the University Library requires a reasonable processing time to complete the requested reserve collection (depending on the scope of work, borrowed media must be reclaimed, newly acquired media must be incorporated).

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Display in the Learning Management System Moodle

The University Library creates the electronic reserve collections "Semesterapparate" in the form of a course with your name and the title of the course in Moodle. After a notification by the University Library, you can link your Moodle main course with the “Semesterapparat”-course using a block element. The participants of your course can access the contents of the reserve collection at any time by connecting to it.

In order to be able to connect the reserve collection with your Moodle main course, we need the correct course name and Moodle identification number. The Moodle-ID can be found in the URL of your Moodle course. It is the last number.


Please also enter your E-mail-address and User-ID registered at the ZIMT, when requesting a reserve collection. This is the identifier (“Username“ without Password!) with which you log in to Moodle, VPN or the ZIMT mail server. Examples: gv111 or s123456,  Application instructions

If you do not have a ZIMT user ID, you can only log in to the electronic reserve collections “Semesterapparate” with the access key that the library will send you.

In order to comply with copyright regulations, it must be guaranteed that the electronic reserve collection is only made accessible to a limited number of people. We would therefore like to ask you to restrict your main Moodle course to the event participants with an access key.

If you are not going to set up a main Moodle course or would like to offer it without an access key, your reserve collection “Semesterapparat” will be listed as an independent password-protected course in Moodle. You would then have to pass on a password sent to you by the University Library to the event participants.

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Addition of a Reserve Collection in the Current Semester

You can manage your reserve collection during the current semester and add further literature references.

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Overview of the Reserve Book Collections in Moodle

In this overview, the name of the lecturer can be used to determine the reserve book collection, its location and the literature it contains. The overview (in German) is updated daily.

Within the listed literature of the reserve book collection, there is also the possibility to search for further borrowable copies directly in the library catalog using the given call number of the medium.

Folders with copy templates or other materials in the reserve collection are not included in the list.

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Termination of the Reserve Collections

Reserve collections are generally dissolved at the end of the respective semester. The media will be returned to the general stock, the display of the reserve collection on our website and in Moodle as well as access to the electronic content are deactivated.
We will inform the owner of the reserve collection in good time about the dissolution. If you would like to have other terms for your reserve collection or you are planning courses with similar content for the following semester, please contact us at an early stage.

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Shelving in the Following Libraries

You will find reserve collections at the following locations of the University Library:

  • Branch Library Hölderlinstraße (H):
    Electrical engineering, History, Computer science, Music, Theology
    Please notice:
    Individual reserve collections are in the area of the circulation desk. You will receive the requested literature after making a deposit.
  • Branch Library Paul-Bonatz-Straße (PB):
    Architecture, Town-planning, Civil engineering, Mechanical engineering
    Please notice:
    The reserve collections are in the area of the circulation desk. You will receive the requested literature after making a deposit.

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Display in the Katalog plus

Via Katalog plus you can find out weather a book is in a reserve collection.
The owner and the location of the reserve collection will be displayed.

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