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Open-Access-Services of the University Library

Main Library AR and all Branch Libraries are open. From Nov 2nd 2020 with general mask obligation.
Work places in the library usable for attending online courses.

The University Library offers support and advice for members of the University of Siegen to make their publications available as a first or second publication.


University publishing house universi

Members of the University of Siegen can publish their Open Access publications in the university publishing house universi and will be advised and editorially supervised.

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Publication platform for publishing Open Access Journals – Open Journal Systems (OJS)

As a member of the University of Siegen, the university publishing house universi offers you the opportunity to manage and publish own quality-tested Open Access journals based on the journal management systems Open Journal Systems (OJS)

The software provides convenient handling for the entire electronic publication process. The software comes as part of a cooperation between the University Library of Siegen and the Center für Digitale Systeme (CeDiS) at the Free University of Berlin.

The Online-Tutorials of CeDiS will give you initial information on the use of the journal management system.

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Open Access Publishing Fund for articles in journals

The University of Siegen supports its scientists in financing Open Access publication fees in genuine Open Access journals and has set up an Open Access Publishing Fund. Further information on the Publication Fund, the eligibility criteria and the application form can be found on the information pages of the publishing fund.

 Here you find a list of the most quoted Open Access Journals.



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OPUS Siegen

Scientists at the University of Siegen can provide their scientific publications in full-text on the Open Access repository of the University of Siegen OPUS Siegen permanently, at no cost and with little effort - unless there are legal reasons against it.

Through professional development, the document will be searchable through local, national and international search services.

On OPUS Siegen you can make use of your secondary exploitation right (§ 38(4) UrhG) and assign the UB a simple (non-exclusive) right of use.

OPUS Siegen guarantees the permanent archiving of documents and thus the guarantee of citability.

Good to know:

Publications that appear in a journal in which UB Siegen has a so-called alliance license, can also be offered on OPUS Siegen Open Access with different delays.


Helpful information on Open Access options in Alliance- and National Licenses can be found in the guide

 „Open-Access-Rechte in Allianz- und Nationallizenzen – Eine Handreichung für Repository-Manager, Bibliotheken und Autoren“ (in German).


Publisher / Professional Association


AIP-Publishing12 months
Acoustical Society of America
(Partner Publisher AIP-Publishing)
12 months
American Association of Physics Teachers
(Partner Publisher AIP-Publishing)
12 months
American Association of Physicists in Medicine
(Partner Publisher AIP-Publishing
12 months
AVS: Science and Technology of Materials,
Interfaces, and Processing
(Partner Publisher AIP-Publishing)
12 months
Laser Institute of America
(Partner Publisher AIP-Publishing)
12 months
Society of Rheology
(Partner Publisher AIP-Publishing)
12 months

Cambridge University Press

  • for science, technical and medical journals
  • for humanities and social science journals
  • 6 months (accepted manuscript)           
  • no time delay                   
OP-Publishing12 months  (accepted manuscript)
Oxford-University Press12 – 24 months 

(depending on the magazine)

Hogrefe12 months  (accepted manuscript)
RSC – Royal Society of Chemistry12 months
SAGE Publishers 12 months
Zentralblatt MATH Online Database (Springer)12 months
Walter de Gruyter Journals
  • Linguistics, Literature and Humanities LLH 1
  • Linguistics, Literature and Humanities LLH 2
0 months
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Consortial and cooperative Open Access financing

In addition to assisting authors with open access publication funds for repaying Article Processing Charges in genuine Open Access journals, Siegen University Library is also involved in the financing of Open Access content in a consortium and cooperative manner.

As part of the Sponsoring Consortium for Open Access Publishing in Particle Physics (SCOAP ³) and the Open Library of Humanities (OLH) for the humanities and social sciences, the University Library supports magazine publishers in the transition from a subscription-based business model to a publication-cost-based cooperative Open Access model.

In addition, Siegen University Library has joined forces with other scientific institutions in consortia within the framework of Knowledge Unlatched (KU) and transcript OPEN library Politikwissenschaft. The financing of Open Access e-books in both consortia is done by paying a defined fee per institution.

Authors are not financially involved.

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We will be happy to inform you in a personal conversation, telephonically, or via e-mail about

  • Your opportunities to publish at the University of Siegen Open Access
  • Promotion possibilities for Open Access publication
  • Financing options for Open Access publications
  • Discounts for article processing fee
  • New developments in Open Access
  • Open-Content-Licenses
  • Quality criteria for Open Access publishers

Open Access-Team

Tel: 0271 / 740-5475

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