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Learning and working "on site" will be possible again in the Branch Library Unteres Schloss (US) with restrictions. ...

Literature from library areas currently not accessible to the public can be ordered for collection via the Katalog plus.
You will be informed of the pick-up location via notification or you can look it up in your user account.
The article delivery service can still be used.
Current information on opening hours and library use during the library move can be found here.

Location code
(Call number starts with)

00 / 01

General reference works: biographies, science studies (AAA-ALQ)

H, floor 4 

General reference works: Journalism, book studies, library and information sciences (ALR-AZY)(see also: 90/91), encyclopediasW, floor 0
Daily newspapers

H, floor 4 and
W, floor 1

PeriodicalsW, floor 1
02 up to 05Monographs, all subjectsAR-D, stack
Literature collection concerning the Sieg Region (Siegerlandsammlung) (ZXA-ZXZ)W, stack
04 Reference resources and materials, encyclopedias (AAB-AAC) W, floor 0
Bound periodicals, back runs

W, floor 0 and
W, floor 1

Periodicals (ZZZ)
Bibliographies (AAN-ZLP)
W, floor 2
Bound newspapersW, floor 3
05Collection of literature for children and teenagers (BSJ-BSM) W, floor 1
06Periodicals in economics, back runsW, floor 0
07Periodicals in mathematics and physics, back runsENC, stack
08Archive stockW, stack
09Doctoral dissertations, all subjectsH, stack
10 / 11Linguistics and literary studies (BEA-BSI)
W, floor 1
W, floor 0
German studies (BTA-DDZ)
W, floor 1
W, floor 0
English studies (DEA-EOZ), Romance studies (EPA-FZZ), other philologies (GTA-HGZ)

W, floor 2
W, floor 0

12DictionariesW, floor 1
20 / 21Music (KGA-KKR), theology (ILA-IVZ)
Bound periodicals
Current issues

H, floor 5
W, floor 0
H, floor 5

History (KXA-MQZ)
Bound periodicals
Current issues
H, floor 4
W, floor 0
H, floor 4
Arts (JXA-KFZ), media studies (KKS-KNZ), sports (KOA-KWZ)
W, floor 2
W, floor 0
Philosophy (HIA-HPZ), psychology (HQA-HXZ), education, social education, social services (HYA-IKZ), authors in humanities and social sciences(IWA-JWZ)AR - D
30 / 31 Social sciences (NOA-NWZ), sociology (NXA-OSZ), political science (OTA-PGZ)AR - D
32 /33

Business sciences, in general (PHA-PND)
Economics (PNH-PYP)
Business administration (PZA-QHA)
Economic and social statistics (QFA-QHA)
Economic education and vocational studies (QHN-QKU)

US, floor 0 and
US, floor 1
Business informatics (QGT-QGTX)
US, floor 1
38 / 39European Documentation CentreUS, floor 0
40 / 41Natural sciences (STA-SZZ), mathematics (TAA-TSZ), computer science (TTA-TZZ),
chemistry (UNA-UZZ)
W, floor 2
Geo sciences (MRA-NMZ)W, floor 2
Biology (VNA-VTZ), medicine (VUA-VZZ)W, floor 3
40 / 42

Bound periodicals medicine and natural sciences (astronomy, biology)

W, floor 1
Bound periodicals geo sciencesW, floor 0
Current issues medicine, natural sciences (astronomy, biology) and geo sciencesW, floor 0
44Periodicals physics ENC

Bound periodicals chemistry
Current issues

W, floor 1
W, floor 0
48 / 49

Physics (didactics)
Bound periodicals physics (didactics)
Current issues

W, floor 2
W, floor 1
W, floor 0

50 / 51Electrical engineering (XVA-YHZ), Computer science (TTA-TZZ)
Periodicals, current issues
H, floor 4
Bound periodicals electrical engineering (50-88...), computer science (50-64...), mechanical engineering (50-85...), technology, other fields (50-91...)W, floor 1
52 / 53

Architecture, town-planning, civil engineering, surveying:

Monographs WSA-WWZ
Monographs WXA-XHZ

PB, ground floor, right
PB, intermediate floor
52Bound periodicals architecture, town-planning, civil engineering, surveyingPB, upper floor
54 / 55Mechanical engineering (XIA-XUZ), technology (ZEA-ZWZ)PB, ground floor, left
60 / 61Mathematics, physics, astrophysics (VDA-VET)ENC
62 / 63Mathematics (didactics)ENC
70 / 72DVDs, CDs, CD-ROMs, AV-materials, language courses (multimedia sets), microfilms, microfichesW, stack

Textbook collection linguistics and literary studies (BEA-HGZ), media studies (KKS-KNZ)

W, floor 0

Textbook collection other humanities and social sciences

AR - D
74DVDs, CDs,CD-ROMs, AV-materialsUS, floor 0, Information

Textbook collection economics, law

US, floor 0
77Textbook collection natural sciences (biology and chemistry)W, floor 0
78DVDs, CDs,CD-ROMs, AV-materialsENC, circulation desk
80DVDs, CDs,CD-ROMs, AV-materialsH, circulation desk
81Textbook collection electrical engineering, computer scienceH, floor 4
82 / 84DVDs, CDs,CD-ROMs, AV-materialsPB, circulation desk
83 / 85Textbook collection architecture, town-planning, civil engineering, surveying, mechanical engineering, technologyPB, ground floor, right
90 / 91Library and information sciences (see also: 00/01)W, floor 0
92 / 93Collection Kreuzer AR-D, stack
99Class book collectionAR - D
KW, stack
R, RZAR-D, stack
N, S, TW, floor 1
ZF, ZPW, floor 2
ZW, floor 0
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