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PC workstations

From October, 4th: Extension of our opening hours in AR and US. More ...

General Information

At all branches of the library PC workstations can be used free of charge.

  • At these workstations (of the university library) you can access the www as well as all licenced resources (eBooks, electronic journals, databases) and the websites of many academic institutions worldwide.

  • It is neccessary to log in personally for using the internet. If you visit websites outside the library area you have to authenticate yourself with the account number and the password of the library account.
    Ebay, a number of chat rooms as well as indexed websites are banned from access.

  • Please close the browser before leaving the workstation for preventing the access to the internet with your library account number.
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Available programs

  • The following applications are available

    • Office program: Microsoft Office
    • Browser: Internet explorer, Firefox
    • Screenshots: Snipping Tool
    • Audio and movie files: Media Player Classic
    • Calculator

  • Installing programs is not possible.
  • Functions like the right mouse button are not available outside of applications for security reasons
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Storing and exporting files

  • Per default the device (E) on the local hard disk is defined for saving files temporarily; additionally it is possible to save data on an USB stick (device F) or sent them per e-mail.

  • Files temporarily stored on the local hard disk will be deleted automatically the next time the computer is restarted. Please delete all data you stored on the local hard drive (E) yourself to prevent abuse by subsequent users before leaving the PC workplace.



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Printing out with the University's printing system

In the main library Adolf-Reichwein-Straße (AR) and the branch libraries Hölderlinstraße (H), Paul-Bonatz-Straße (PB) and Unteres Schloß (US) at various locations printer terminals are available. When using the printing function the printer "QPilot" is offerd.

In the Branch Library Emmy Noether Campus (ENC) the printing system of the University is not available. Here you can select the default printer on the PC and can pick up your printouts at the information desk. Each started 5 pages cost Euro 0.25.

Prepaid cards

To use the printing system you will need a prepaid card. Prepaid cards are available at the sale and charging stations by paying a deposit of 5.- Euro and can be topped up with the necessary amount of money.
The prepaid card can be used for the printer terminals at all branches and the PC pools of the ZIMT, as well as the copying machines. In the main library Adolf-Reichwein-Straße and in the branch library Unteres Schloß the prepaid card is required for the locker system.
The prepaid card can be returned at the ZIMT-Userservice, where you will also get back your deposit. A refund of a remaining amount of money on the card is not possible.

Sent print job

Choose in the application the printer "QPilot-Drucker" for printing. A dialog window opens, in which your have to enter the number of your prepaid card (without the #-sign). Please enter a name for the print job to distinguish your print jobs when printing. If you see the blue progress bar after clicking the OK button and the window closes, the print job is sent to the print server of the ZIMT.

Printing at the printer terminal

To receive your printout, go to any printer terminal within the library or a PC pool of the ZIMT and insert your prepaid card into the reader besides the printer.
Prepaid card of the newest generation (without visible chip) can be hold in front of the reader. Choose the desired print job from the list of jobs.

You can find further information to the use on the information boards near the printer terminals."

Double-sided printing (duplex print)

The printer of the printing system of the university can execute print jobs double-sided. Whre choosing the printer “QPilot-Drucker” you can click further tabs; on the tab "Page Setup" at the menu item "Two Sided" the double-sided printing ("Binden lange Seite") can be choosen instead of the default setting "One sided".

Severals pages onto one printed page

Choose the option "Mehrere Seiten pro Blatt" ("Several Pages per leave"). Then choose one of the predefined layouts or make your own, you can see in the preview window how the pages are arranged on the printed page. It is adviceable to use the option "Automatisch Drehen und Zentrieren" to avoid unwanted layouts.

Printing from PDFs (known problems)

Some PDF files are provided with limited access rights. Thus, for example, printing can be prohibited or be permitted with reduced quality. You can check the rights that have been assigned to the document by using the right mouse button within the document view and choose "Dokumenteigenschaften" (document properties).


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