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FAQ: PC Workstations

Where and how can I print something in the library?

Printouts can be initiated from all PC workstations of the University Library.

You need a pre-paid card, whose number you must enter when starting a print job.

You can get the printouts at any print terminal in the library or the PC pools of the ZIMT. Printing of one page costs 0.04 Euro.

In the Branch Library Emmy Noether Campus (ENC) the printing system of the University is not available. Here you can select the default printer on the PC and can pick up your printouts at the information desk. The costs here are 0.25 € for every 5 pages or part thereof.

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Why can't I access the Internet with my access data?

There can be various reasons for this:

  • Have you entered your library card number (the number below the barcode) or, if your USiCard has been activated for library use, the USiCard number from the back of the USiCard in full (including the preceding letters, all zeros and the hyphen), not mistyped and paid attention to upper and lower case?
  • Have you entered the correct password? If you do not remember your password, you can get a new one at one of the circulation desks. A new password will only be given in person (not by e-mail, in writing or by telephone).
  • Do you have special characters in your password? Please change your password in your user account to a password without special characters.

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How can I use Wi-Fi in the library?

Please refer to the information on Wi-Fi network access.

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