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FAQ: Library Card and Password

How and where can I get a library card?

You can apply for a library card or the activation of your USiCard at any circulation desk of the library.

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How do I change my password?

You can change the password for your library card in your user account. The changed password is valid immediately. Please note our recommendations regarding the password.

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What do I do if I have forgotten the password to my library card?

In order to log into your user account please use your library card number (UBSI…) or the USiCard number (on the back of the USiCard directly under the barcode), if the USiCard has been activated for library use, and your password.

If you have forgotten your password, you can request a new password in the user account in the Katalog plus via the function "Forgotten your password?".

Passwords are not communicated by telephone or written.

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I lost my library card, what should I do?

Report the loss of your library card immediately to one of the circulation desks of the University Library to prevent misuse. The card will be immediately blocked for borrowing. You are liable for misuse of your library card until you report the loss. A replacement library card will be issued upon request against payment of a fee.

Students of the University of Siegen should contact directly the Student Service Center (SSC) if the USiCard is lost. A replacement USiCard can be issued there.
Please note that the replacement USiCard must be activated again for library use.

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How can I notify the library about the change of my address/e-mail address?

Changes of address/e-mail-address can be communicated via "Change of address". Non-compliance resulting in financial expenses and / or drawbacks will have to be borne by you.

Students of the University of Siegen whose USiCard is activated for library use should contact the Student Service Center (SSC) directly.

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How can I extend the validity of my library card?

You can find information on this in the notes on the library card.

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My library card is blocked. What does that mean? What am I required to do?

The library card will be barred because of following reasons:

  • The loss / theft of the library card was reported:
    The blocking of the user account can be reversed by presenting the library card at any circulation desk. A replacement library card can be issued on demand against payment of a fee.
  • Notifications / e-mails send from the library couldn't be delivered:
    Changes of address/e-mail-address can be communicated via "Change of address".
  • The lending period of one of the borrowed media has been exceeded for more than 30 days:
    Please return that item immediately and pay the incurred late fee, in case of loss of the item complete the form on loss statement.
  • Pending charges have not been paid:
    After paying the charges the blocking of the user account will be reversed.
  • Handling fees for interlibrary loan orders have not been paid within 4 weeks after ordering:
    Please pay the amount due at one of the circulation desks. The handling fee is due irrespective of fulfillment of the interlibrary loan order.
  • The validity of your library card ended (University staff of University of Siegen):
    Please inform us about renewal or extension of your contract of employment by using the application form for an extension of the validity of the library card or apply for a library card for non-university-members/external users.
  • You missed the enrolment deadline for the following semester:
    Please present a certificate of enrolment for the current semester at one of the circulation desks so that the block can be lifted or apply for a library card for external users.
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Can I access my user account with my smartphone?

Our Katalog plus is also available in a version for mobile devices - for example smartphone, tablet-PC. The catalogue for mobile devices offers the same functionalities as the catalogue for PC workstations, here you can also access your user account.

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