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FAQ: Lending and Return

How long can I borrow the media?

The loan period is usually 60 days. If the borrowed title is reserved by another user, this period will be shortened and you will be informed of the early end of the loan period in writing or by e-mail. Please pay attention to the loan periods as fines for overdue items will be charged from the first day if the loan period is exceeded.

Borrowing and returning of media and also extending of the loan period (except interlibrary loan) is possible throughout our opening hours.

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How can I extend the loan period?

You can extend the loan period yourself via your user account after log in with your library card number and password. Please note the information on loan period renewal.

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Why can’t the loan period be extended?

There can be various reasons for this:

  • another user has reserved the medium: please return the medium to one of the circulation desks,
  • the maximum loan period has been reached: please return the medium at one of the lending circulation desks and borrow it again,
  • the loan period of another borrowed title has been exceeded by at least 31 days: please return the media or submit the form for media loss.



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I cannot return a borrowed medium on time. What should I do?

If you are prevented by illness or other circumstances from returning borrowed media on time, please contact one of the circulation desks before the loan period expires or via E-Mail:

In principle you can also entrust a person of your choice with the return and, if necessary, the payment of fees. Another possibility is to return the media by mail.

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Can I borrow all media?

All media with white or green call-number tags can be borrowed. Media with a red label form the reference stock of the library and cannot be borrowed generally.

You can also see in our Katalog plus whether the title is borrowable or not.

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How many media items can I borrow?

Students and external users can borrow up to 98 items. There is no limit for University staff with a corresponding library card. However, we kindly ask you to return any material that is no longer needed.

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Can I also return media by post?

Yes! Please always return media to:

Leihstelle Hauptbibliothek
Adolf-Reichwein-Straße 2
D - 57076 Siegen

Please note that for the calculation of the fines for overdue items the date of receipt is decisive.

The sender is liable for loss by post.

The media will be forwarded to the corresponding branch library after your user account has been relieved.

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Can late fees be reduced or waived?

Late fees can be reduced or waived on application in exceptional cases if the user is not responsible for the reason for exceeding the deadline (for example, illness or accident). The reduction or waiver of late fees is decided by the Central Services for Users, Main Library.

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I have not received a reminder. Do I still have to pay late fees?

The late fee is due to the expiry of the loan period, regardless of whether you have received a reminder or not. The users themselves are responsible for monitoring the loan periods in their user account and for extending or returning borrowed media on time.

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Why is it not possible to reserve a desired title?

A reservation is not possible under the following conditions:

  • the title is not borrowed, reservation is only possible, if the title is on loan,
  • there are further copies of this title still available for loan, possibly also in other branch libraries. Please borrow one of these copies,
  • a copy with this call number has already been borrowed or reserved by yourself,
  • the book is in a reserve collection and can only be used within the library. The location of the reserve collection is shown in the Katalog plus,
  • your user account has been locked or the validity of your library card has expired: please contact one of the circulation desks.
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Can I delete reservations?

Reservations can be canceled within your user account, account section reservations, as long as the media is not yet ready for collection.

If you no longer require a medium that has already been made available for collection, please return our notification with a brief note that you no longer require that medium. The medium will then be released for further use.

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A book is not borrowed but is not on the shelf either?

If you cannot find a book that is not on the shelf, please contact the Central Information in the Main Library Adolf-Reichwein-Straße or one of the circulation desks. It is possible that the book has been returned recently and has not yet been put back on the shelf.

If literature cannot be found at the location for a longer period of time and is not on loan, it will be entered in the catalogue as "Missing". If there are no further copies of the title in the University Library, it is possible to place an interlibrary loan order in this case.

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