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Hauptbibliothek AR geschlossen
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Lending Services

Main Library AR and the Branch Library US are available again as a learning location (Monday-Friday 9 am - 6 pm)  More ...

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User Account

In order to log into your user account please use your library card number (GHSA..., UBSI…) or the USiCard number (on the back) if the USiCard has been activated for library use, and your password.
If you have forgotten your password you can get a new password given to you at any circulation desk in the University library. Your data will be transmitted via a secure server.

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Information on Circulation

The collection of books in the library is sorted systematically and is open to access. You can pick up the books you need yourself and take them to one of the circulation desks for borrowing or you can check them out at the self-service terminal. You can find further information on circulation out here.

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Library card

Library Card

The library card is free of charge and enables you to borrow media from the University library, to place reservations and orders with our interlibrary loan service and to use the internet at any PC workstation in the library.

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