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  • For general information
    Dr. rer. nat. Nikola Korb AR-UB 110, Tel.: 0271/740-4265
  • Technical questions
    Holger Spörl
    AR-UB 028, Tel: 0271/740-4258
  • For questions about doctoral theses, post-doctoral theses and other examination papers and about the disposal of your documents
    Hochschulschriften- und Tauschstelle

    Ronja Gottschling & Nils Greiner
    AR-UB 032, Tel: 0271/740-4294
    Opening times: Mo-Fr: 10:00 - 12:00 Uhr
    Please make an appointment for the disposal of your documents

Information about OPUS Siegen

Siegen University Libarary provides a free of charge repository named OPUS Siegen (OPUS = Online PUblication Server) with the purpose to publish, archive and retrieve electronical documents produced at the University of Siegen.

The Univesity Library applies acknowledged qualitiy standards und offers support for publishing Your documents.

Which advantage offers the electronic publishing in OPUS Siegen?

You can publish your document quick and cost-efficient in OPUS Siegen. Because of professional indexing with metadata , your document will be searchable in local, national and international search portals. With this you achieve a quick and world-wide availability, irrespective of place and time. The permanent archiving and with this the guarantee of the possibility of citation  are ensured. For example alle documents are provided with a Uniform Resource Name (URN) which is stored together with the document in OPUS Siegen and by the German Nationallibrary (long-term preservation). This guarantees a permanent and stable addressing.

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Document types in OPUS Siegen

At the moment the following document types can be published by members of the University of Siegen in OPUS Siegen:

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