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Branch Libraries ENC, H and PB will close on December 3. Main Library AR and Branch Library US are open with general mask obligation. Work places in the library usable for attending online courses.


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Among other things you will get

  • information for using the library
  • support for searching literature and other information
  • help for interlibrary loan
  • tips for research within catalogues, databases and electronic journals
  • hints on contact persons

Notes on the digital inquiry (DigiAuskunft)

Siegen University Library is part of the information network DigiAuskunft, which enables us to send questions, which cannot be answered locally to other networked libraries.

Your question is reveived by Siegen University Library and will there be answered during the service hours of the Central Information as soon as possible. If we cannot answer directly, we will - if possible and allowed by you - send the question to an other library with appropriate specialisation within the infomation network.

Your question will be saved anonymously for statistical purposes and to create a knowledgebase.

Bibliographies for exam papers, thesis or other publications cannot be arranged. We gladly offer further information about research strategies. Medical information and assistance with legal and tax issues are excluded from the DigiAuskunft.

The library cannot be held responsible for any mistake or oblivion on the information given.