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Geförderte Publikationen

Liste geförderter Publikationen


Corvacho del Toro, Irene; Hack-Cengizalp, Esra (Hg.) (2021): Literalität und Mehrsprachigkeit. Bielefeld: wbv Media.
DOI: 10.3278/6004778w.
Cinalli, Manlio; Trenz, Hans-Jörg; Brändle, Verena K.; Eisele, Olga;  Lahusen, Christian (2021): Solidarity in the Media and Public Contention over Refugees in Europe: Debating solidarity across borders. London, New York: Routledge (Routledge studies in media, communication and politics).
DOI: 10.4324/9780367817169.
Burggräf, Peter; Wagner, Johannes; Heinbach, Benjamin (2021): Bibliometric study on the use of machine learning as resolution technique for Facility Layout Problems.  In: IEEE Access 9, S. 22569–22586.
DOI: 10.25819/UBSI/9966. 
Carstensen, Kai-Uwe (2021): Quantification: the view from natural language generation. In: Frontiers in artificial intelligence 4, S. 627177.
DOI: 10.25819/UBSI/9946.
Erhard, Franz (2021): Die Erfahrung von Armut. Eine Analyse der Lebenswelt von Personen in Mangel- und Ausschlusslagen in Großbritannien. Opladen, Berlin: Budrich Academic Press.
DOI: 10.25819/ubsi/9905.


Lahusen, Christian (Hg) (2020): Citizens’ Solidarity in Europe. Civic engagement and public discourse in times of crises. Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar.
DOI: 10.4337/9781789909500.
Abu Zeitoun, Edres; Pritzel, Christian; Sakalli, Yilmaz; Trettin, Reinhard (2020): The mechanism of the first hydration-dehydration cycle of pure α- and β-CaSO4•0.5H2O. In: Advances in Materials Science and Engineering 2020, S. 1–11.
DOI: 10.25819/UBSI/9945.
Burggräf, Peter; Wagner, Johannes; Dannapfel, Matthias; Fluchs, Sarah; Müller, Katharina; Koke, Benjamin (2020): Survey based dataset on automation decisions for assembly systems in Germany. In: Data in brief 31, S. 105782.
DOI: 10.25819/UBSI/9932.
Burggräf, Peter; Weißer, Tim; Saßmannshausen, Till Moritz; Ohrndorf, Dennis; Wagner, Johannes (2020): A clustering approach for topic filtering within systematic literature reviews. In: MethodsX 7, S. 100831.
DOI: 10.25819/UBSI/9933.
Burggräf, Peter; Wagner, Johannes; Koke, Benjamin; Steinberg, Fabian (2020): Approaches for the prediction of lead times in an engineer to order environment - a systematic review. In: IEEE Access 8, S. 142434–142445.
DOI: 10.25819/UBSI/9967.
Forstmeier, Simon; van der Hal, Elisheva; Auerbach, Martin; Maercker, Andreas; Brom, Danny (2020): Life review therapy for holocaust survivors (LRT-HS): study protocol for a randomised controlled trial. In: BMC psychiatry 20 (1), S. 186.
DOI: 10.25819/ubsi/9958.
Kelter, Riko (2020): bayest: an R-package for effect-size targeted Bayesian two-sample t-tests. In: Journal of Open Research Software 8.
DOI: 10.25819/UBSI/8818.
Kraus, Simon Friedrich; Krause, Eduard; Dilling, Frederik; Nguyen, Phuong; Tran, Ngoc Chau; van Bien, Nguyen (2020): Relevant content for a scientific collaboration in mathematics and physics education research - a comparative content analysis of handbooks and conference proceedings in Germany and Vietnam. In: EURASIA Journal of Mathematics, Science and Technology Education 16 (4).
DOI: 10.25819/UBSI/9930.
Witte, Klaudia; Hartmann, Sarah; Beasley, Anna; Mozhayeva, Darya; Engelhard, Carsten (2020): Defective defence in Daphnia daughters: silver nanoparticles inhibit anti-predator defence in offspring but not in maternal Daphnia magna. In: Scientific reports 10 (1), S. 8021.
DOI: 10.25819/UBSI/9934.


Anand, Nikhil; Ebrahimi Pour, Neda; Klimach, Harald; Roller, Sabine (2019): Utilization of the Brinkman Penalization to Represent Geometries in a High-Order Discontinuous Galerkin Scheme on Octree Meshes. In: Symmetry 11 (9), S. 1126.
DOI: 10.25819/ubsi/9916.
Burggräf, Peter; Weißer, Tim; Wagner, Johannes (2019): Data on the current state of problem solving and improvement during physical product development within complex (manufacturing) systems. In: Data in brief 23, S. 103851.
DOI: 10.25819/ubsi/9921.
Ewert, Benjamin (2019): Moving beyond the obsession with nudging individual behaviour: Towards a broader understanding of Behavioural Public Policy. In: Public Policy and Administration 35 (3), S. 337–360.
DOI: 10.25819/ubsi/9885.
Hartmann, Sarah; Kunze, Jan; Vogt, Roland; Rauschert, Anna; Kuhnert, Klaus-Dieter; Wanzenböck, Josef et al. (2019): Zebrafish larvae show negative phototaxis to near-infrared light. In: PloS one 13 (11), e0207264. 
DOI: 10.25819/UBSI/9920.
Horn, Jonas; Scholz, Mirko; Oum, Kawon; Lenzer, Thomas; Schlettwein, Derck (2019): Influence of phenylethylammonium iodide as additive in the formamidinium tin iodide perovskite on interfacial characteristics and charge carrier dynamics. In: APL Materials 7 (3), S. 31112.
DOI: 10.25819/UBSI/9917.
Küppers, Jan-Philipp; Metzger, Jens; Jensen, Jürgen; Reinicke, Dr.-Ing. Tamara (2019): Performance optimization of a Kirsten–Boeing turbine by a metamodel based on neural networks coupled with CFD. In: Energies 12 (9), S. 1777.
DOI: 10.25819/UBSI/9922.
Machulska, Alla; Kleinke, Kristian; Eiler, Tanja Joan; Grünewald, Armin; Brück, Rainer; Jahn, Katharina et al. (2019): Retraining automatic action tendencies for smoking using mobile phone-based approach-avoidance bias training: A study protocol for a randomized controlled study. In: Trials 20 (1), S. 720.
DOI: 10.25819/ubsi/9931.
Saeed, Saqib; Pipek, Volkmar; Rohde, Markus; Reuter, Christian; Fabiano Pinatti de Carvalho, Aparecido; Wulf, Volker (2019): Nomadic Knowledge Sharing Practices and Challenges: Findings From a Long-Term Case Study. In: IEEE Access 7, S. 63564–63577.
DOI: 10.25819/ubsi/9915.
Schmedt auf der Günne, Jörn; Mangstl, Martin; Wied, Jan Konrad; Weber, Johannes; Pritzel, Christian; Trettin, Reinhard (2019): Synthesis and characterization of methylammonium phosphates as crystalline approximants for anhydrous, low melting phosphate glasses. In: RSC Advances 9 (4), S. 1822–1830.
DOI: 10.25819/UBSI/9919
Soost, Christian; Daginnus, Alina; Burchard, Rene; Schmitt, Jan; Graw, Jan (2019): Gender differences in blood transfusion strategy for patients with hip fractures - a retrospective analysis. In: International journal of medical sciences 17 (5), S. 620–625.
DOI: 10.25819/UBSI/9923.
Tapia León, Isabell; Kruse, Onno; Stark, Rudolf; Klucken, Tim (2019): Relationship of sensation seeking with the neural correlates of appetitive conditioning. In: Social cognitive and affective neuroscience 14 (7), S. 769–775.
DOI: 10.25819/ubsi/9957.
Wulf, Volker; Pinatti de Carvalho, Aparecido Fabiano; Reuter, Christian; Rohde, Markus; Pipek, Volkmar; Saeed, Saqib (2019): Nomadic knowledge sharing practices and challenges: findings from a long-term case study. In: IEEE Access 7, S. 63564–63577.
DOI: 10.25819/UBSI/9915.


Adarkwah, Charles Christian; Hirsch, Oliver (2018): The issue of burnout and work satisfaction in younger GPs - a cluster analysis utilizing the HaMEdSi study. In: Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing 2018, S. 1–12.
DOI: 10.25819/UBSI/9046.
Grigoriu, Liliana (2018): Availability of a Hybrid FSO/RF Link While Using the Link’s Diversity for Packet Scheduling. In: Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing 2018, S. 1–12.
DOI: 10.1155/2018/7320989.
Gronwald, Frank; Palanivelu, Devanand Palur; Michels, Robert; Kreitlow, Matthias (2018): The response of nonlinearly loaded antennas to repetitive HPEM excitations as obtained from equivalent circuit models. In: Advances in Radio Science 16, S. 135-140.
DOI: 10.25819/UBSI/9012.
Hartmann, Sarah; Vogt, Roland; Kunze, Jan; Rauschert, Anna; Kuhnert, Klaus-Dieter; Wanzenböck, Josef et al. (2018): Zebrafish larvae show negative phototaxis to near-infrared light. In: PloS one 13 (11), e0207264.
DOI: 10.25819/ubsi/9920.
Klucken, Tim; Tapia León, Isabell; Blecker, Carlo; Kruse, Onno; Stalder, Tobias; Stark, Rudolf (2018): Failure to Replicate the Association Between Fractional Anisotropy and the Serotonin Transporter Gene (5-HTTLPR, rs25531). In: Frontiers in behavioral neuroscience 12, S. 80.
DOI: 10.3389/fnbeh.2018.00080.
Meier, Sabine (2018): Being Accommodated, Well Then? ‘Scalar Narratives’ on Urban Transformation and Asylum Seekers’ Integration in Mid-Sized Cities. In: Urban Planing 3 (4), S. 129–140.
DOI: 10.25819/ubsi/9835.
Sarbolandi, Hamed; Plack, Markus; Kolb, Andreas (2018): Pulse Based Time-of-Flight Range Sensing.
In: Sensors (Basel, Switzerland) 18 (6).
DOI: 10.25819/UBSI/8970.
Schmidt, Elke Elisabeth (2018): Are Lovers Ever One? Reconstructing the Union Theory of Love. In: Philosophia (Ramat-Gan, Israel) 46 (3), S. 705–719.
DOI: 10.1007/s11406-017-9860-x.


Göllner, Lars M.; Ballhausen, Nicola; Kliegel, Matthias; Forstmeier, Simon (2017): Delay of Gratification, Delay Discounting and their Associations with Age, Episodic Future Thinking, and Future Time Perspective. In: Frontiers in psychology 8, S. 2304.
DOI: 10.3389/fpsyg.2017.02304.
Wellbrock, A. H. J.; Bauch, C.; Rozman, J.; Witte, K. (2017): ‘Same procedure as last year?‘ Repeatedly tracked swifts show individual consistency in migration pattern in successive years. In: Journal of Avian Biology 48 (6), S. 897–903.
DOI: 10.1111/jav.01251.