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Please note:
The University Library is closed since March 21st, 2020. All on-site services are expected to remain discontinued until May 3rd and all employees are in home office.
Unfortunately, acceptance of printed mandatory copies / documents is not possible until further notice, and accordingly no confirmations of receipt can be forwarded.

We have compiled the current, guiding regulations for the faculties below. If you have any questions, please contact the contact persons listed there. Of course, we will also try to support you with your concerns; please send your request to the thesis department of the university library:

Here is a current overview (as of 1 April 20) on how dissertations / issues of certificates in the dean's offices of the faculties are taken care of:

Fakulty I

  • Due to the current situation, the publication deadlines will be extended; an official decision will follow.
  • The faculty I awards the title "Dr. des." after presentation of a publishing contract; therefore, in these cases there is no hurry to submit the deposit copies.

Please direct your inquiries to the promotion committee of faculty I
Contact person: Herr Dr. Naumann

Fakultät II

  • Faculty II issues a provisional/preliminary certificate according to §16 Abs.1 PromO after the successful completion of all exam-relevant parts of the doctorate.
    Insofar, the issue of the final certificate is not directly bound by deadlines.

Please direct your inquiries to the office of promotional coordination of faculty II
Contact person: Frau Hoffrichter

Fakulty III

  • In the current phase of minimal operation of the University of Siegen, no doctoral and postdoctoral certificates are issued.

Please direct your inquiries to the dean‘s office of faculty III
Contact person: Frau Ofterdinger

Fakulty IV

  • There is a special agreement between the University Library and the secretariat of the dean's office of faculty IV for:

    • Printed mandatory copies / documents intended for the University Library
    • The electronic publication of dissertations

Please direct your inquiries to the dean‘s office of faculty IV
Contact person: Frau Zaiane:
respectively the thesis department of the University Library:

Please keep yourself informed at the dean's offices about the current changes, additions, etc.