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LateX resp. TeX

On Monday, 6 December, the return machine at the Main Library AR will not be in operation from 7am to 9am.

TeX and LaTeX are excellently suited to create complex documents with content, which is complicated to present, e.g. exact formulas. The original text is a simple ASCII file and can be edited in every editor and easily transfered to other computers. Furtermore PDF files can be generated comparatively easy by freely available software programs.

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Immediate creation of pdf files

The programm “pdfLaTeX” created a pdf document immediately. Through the integration of several software packages (first of all ‘hyperref’) you can automatically create hyperlinks, bookmarks, thumpnails and more.

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Generating pdf by dvi and PostScript

At first a DVI file is created by using the command ‘latex filename’, with the command ‘dvips’ it transforms into a PostScript file. Please use so called Type-1-fonts, when creating the PostScript file, dvips uses Type-3 by default.

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Problems & Tips

When converting the DVI file into a PDF or a PostScript document most programs like dvips use so called Type-3-fonts. This results in the storage of text as a graphic inside the pdf-document and therefore it is not searchable for the Acrobat Reader or search engines. Furthermore the type face in some versions of acrobat is diffuse. Because of this please use so called Type-1-fonts. E.g. if you use the package WinEDT, the dvips-call is
dvips.bat -Ppdf -G0 “%N”

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