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Legal Note for authors

Before publishing your work on OPUS Siegen, please ensure that you are entitled to do so. Basically, this is the case when you are the author of the document yourself and have not transferred any exclusive rights to third parties (e.g. a publishing company). 

If you have already published your work with a publishing company or intend to do so, please ensure that the publishing company accepts a parallel publication on a document server. Many publishers do allow this, when the parallel publication is stored on a non-profit server, as OPUS Siegen is. The details of a publishing or auhor-contract are subject to negotiation. The contractual terms of many publishers can be checked on the basis of the Sherpa/RoMEO-List. Please contact us if you have any question on this subject.

When storing your work on OPUS Siegen, you transfer several rights to the library of the University of Siegen, namely: the right to save your document, to pass it on to the German Library (being the central archive library) and possibly to other special repository regional libraries, to make it officially available in data networks, and, if necessary, the right to convert it into other data formats. In order to protect mutual rights and obligations, please conclude a publishing contract (sample).

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