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Post-doctoral thesis

The Hochschulschriften- und Tauschstelle (thesis department) of the University Library collects all post-doctoral theses of Siegen University because of its duty of publication and certifies a notice of receipt. 

The library conforms with the post-doctoral regulations of the faculties regarding the number of printed copies that have to be handed in.

Please note

  • Post-doctoral theses can only be published after the habilitation lecture and the existence of the imprimatur.
  • For a cumulative post-doctoral thesis the author has to check with every publisher, if an additional publication is allowed.
  • Additionally to the electronic version you normally have to hand in printed copies of your post-doctoral thesis. The number of copies is determined in the post-doctoral regulations. The versions have to be identical regarding the pagination (Citeability). Two of these copies are the deposit copies for the German National Library.
  • Generate the required printed copies with the pdf file. Thereby you avoid differences in formatting between the printed and the electronic version (no discrepancies in line breaks and pagination), so that the citeability of both documents in guaranteed.
  • For permanent archiving the printed copies have to be printed on aging resistant, wood-free and acid-free paper. Please apply the notation „gedruckt auf alterungsbeständigem holz- und säurefreiem Papier“ (=printed on aging resistant, wood-free and acid-free paper) on the verso of the title-page.
  • Because of matters of durability we cannot accept following bindings as permantly durable: ring binder and all bindings that are made by using metal or synthetic material.
  • When handing in the post-doctoral thesis the author have to assure in written form, that the passing for press is allowed by the examination board and that the electronic version is identical regarding form and content to the approved original version.
  • The publication can be postponed on request if there is a patent application for it. After checking the registered meta data and the transfered files you will get the notice of receipt previous to the publication.

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Checklist for disposal


The disposal takes place via the registration form of OPUS Siegen

Printed documents

  • Please refer to your doctoral regulations for the number of printed copies you have to hand in. IMPORTANT: Printing the pdf files guarantees identical formatting of printed and electronic version! Zitierfähigkeit !
  • Publication contract with additional form for “approved version” and identicalness with the printed version: two copies, signed by you and us.


  • Potentially form “Antrag auf Nichtveröffentlichung wegen Patentanmeldung” (Request for not publishing because of patent application)

    Sample contract with attached form for request for not publishing

Please remember to sign! Please hand in the documents at the Hochschulschriften- und Tauschstelle.

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