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Publishing process - Step by step

From October, 4th: Extension of our opening hours in AR and US. More ...

Uploading your document

If all requirements for the publication of a document in OPUS are met, you can start registering your document for publication. Data can be entered step by step via Dspace.

  •  Via ‘OPUS Siegen’ – ‘Publishing’ – ‘Publishing a new document’

you find the page

  • ‘Registering documents for OPUS’

Choose the document type in the selection for the generation of the corresponding registration form

  • ‘Registering documents for OPUS: 1. Document description’

Please complete. From your input to the registration form the first page of your publication including the nessessary metadata is generated. Click ‘Create a form’

  • ‘Registering documents for OPUS: 2. Check data’

For checking purposes you get a short summary of your entered metadata. Click ‘Continue with file upload’

  • ‘Registering documents for OPUS: 3. File upload’

There is one File-Upload for your PDF-file and one for the original file (e.g.: Word, LaTeX...) Enter the file name with path (Browse). For multiple files there is one field per file (’Request additional fields’). Click ‘Upload File(s) to the document server’.

  • ‘Registering documents for OPUS: 4. Upload confirmation and requesting the publishing contract’ 

read and click ‘Request publishing contract´.

  • ‘Registering documents for OPUS: 5. Show and complete data for the publishing contract’

please check the data for the publishing contract again. Click ‘Create publishing contract’. You will now get the filled in publishing contract and, depending on the document type, the declaration- and/or the recommendation-form as pdf file. Please print the publishing contract twice and the other forms once, sign them and bring or send them to the Hochschulschriften- und Tauschstelle .

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After your document has been uploaded

If you have filled in the online form and transfered your document to the OPUS server, the entry is registered by the system.

Your data will be stored temporarily in a repository of OPUS Siegen which is not open to the public. The bibliographic data and the technical integrity will be checked by the staff of the library and completed if necessary. This can take a few days. If the release of your document through the university library depends on changes, you will get a short notice by the library.

Hand-in of the printed documents

You can hand in the necessary documents (depending on the document type) in person in the Hochschulschriften- und Tauschstelle. Please make an appointment. Of course you can also send the documents per mail.

Release of your document

As soon as all documents are completely available and the lacking metadata are completed by the staff, your document will be released.

Advice to the German National Library (Deutsche Nationalbibliothek)

The document and all meta data will be transfered to the German National Library, which - as the central german archiving library - will archive them long-term and list them in their catalogue.

Separate treatments

Please note the separate treatments for examination papers (Doctoral theses, Postdoctoral theses and Diploma-, Bachelor's and Master's theses).

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