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How to scan with the copier/scanner

On Saturday, 20 August 2022, the Main Library Adolf-Reichwein-Straße (AR) will be closed for work on the electrical power supply.

This service is free of charge, but you need a topped up prepaid card.
You can operate the copier/scanner via touch-screen and keys.
The saved files can be checked and edited at the PC-workstations in the library.

  • Insert your prepaid card/printing system:
  • Connect your memory stick to the port of the machine:
  • Now apply your originals:
  • Start scanning with the green start key:
  • While scanning you see the status signal "Speichern..." (saving...), and the number of scans that are done:
  • If all scans are done go back with "Zurück zur Liste" (Back to list), now you can check the generated files:
  • Confirm the following display with OK.
    Now you can remove your memory stick without any loss of data.

To top

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  • Display on touch screen: "Externer Speicher wurde erkannt. Dateien werden angezeigt. Sind Sie sicher? 
    (Removable memory was recognized. Displaying files. Are you sure?)

    Confirm with "Ja" (yes):
  • On the following screen choose Datei speichern (save file):

Please note:
Depending on the storage type (e.g. PDF-files) and size of your files it takes a while until your files are saved on your memory stick.

  • Choose now "Speicher entfernen" (remove memory stick):