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PC workstations

These pages are no longer up-to-date through a transition to a new operating system and are currently in adaptation

Using PC workstations is free of charge.

The PC workstations within the library have different access rights to the World Wide Web:

  • Computers with the sticker "UB-WEB" allow access to all services offered by the University library (eBooks, electronic journals, databases) as well as web services offered by other academic facilities throughout the world.
  • Computers without the "UB-WEB" sticker allow access to the internet by clicking onto the link to a website or typing a URL into the browser. You will be asked to log in using your library card number and personal password.
  • The PCs in the lobby of the Main Library Adolf Reichwein Street (AR) and the Branch Library Hölderlinstraße only allow you to register for a library user account as well as using the library's catalogue.

Ebay, a number of chat rooms as well as indexed websites are banned from access.

Please restart the browser before leaving the workstation using the menu item "Browserneustart" (restart browser). This prevents accidental or intentional abuse of websites and web accounts you have been using.

Please delete any files you downloaded or imported into the export directory "/tmp/export" to prevent accidental or intentional abuse by other users. 


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Main menu

By default the PC workstations use the browser Firefox that allows access to all services within the library and other websites of the World Wide Web.

You can start the main menu via the Linux button in the lower left-hand corner of the screen. You have the following choices:

  • Screenshot 
    If you are using an application or website that does not support printing in an adequate way, you can make a screenshot (a photo of what is being shown on your monitor). If you want to edit the screenshot later on, you should store it as a GIF but only if it does not consist of too many colours since the GIF format only supports 256 colours. Otherwise use the JPG format. For print outs the PDF format is easiest to use.
  • Restart browser 
    In order to prevent subsequent users from revisiting websites you used via the browser's back button or web history, you should restart the browser before leaving the workstation. The browser will automatically restart after a few minutes of inactivity but subsequent users may continue your session within this time frame.

    By restarting the browser all entries in the browser history will be deleted.
  • Openoffice3 
    Starts the Office suite Openoffice3 
  • Mouse
    You can exchange the mouse buttons (left-handed or right-handed modus).
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Storing and exporting files

You can temporarily store research results or websites on our computers and send them as an e-mail attachment or download them onto your personal USB stick. By default the computers are set to store files in the directory "/tmp/export" on the local hard drive. Please do not change the directory since you do not have access rights to storing in other directories and the export function only supports exporting from the preset directory. Please read the introductory help file for storing research data from ICA-databases.

Please use the PC workstation's export function to export research data from the hard disc onto an external storage device (USB-stick) or via e-mail delivery.

By clicking the LINUX penguin in the lower left-hand corner of the screen and choosing the command "export" you can call up the export function. Alternatively you can use the buttons [ALT] and [E], by clicking them simultaneously.

Files temporarily stored on the local hard disk will be deleted automatically the next time the computer is restarted. Please delete all data you stored on the local hard drive yourself to prevent abuse by subsequent users before leaving the PC workplace.


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Printing out with the University's printing system

To print, use the print function on the application. More information on the options, see the notes to the application programs:

In the main library Adolf-Reichwein-Straße (AR) and the branch libraries Hölderlinstraße (H), Paul-Bonatz-Straße (PB) and Unteres Schloss (US) only the printer named 'Drucksystem der Universität Siegen' is available. In the Branch Library Emmy Noether Campus (ENC) the printing system of the University is not available. Here you can select the default printer on the PC and can pick up your printouts at the information desk. Each started 5 pages cost Euro 0.25.

About the printing system of the University of Siegen


Saving print job

To print, select the printer in the respective program's print dialog box "Drucksystem der Universität Siegen." Another  dialog box appears in which you enter the smart card number (below the logo, please omit the # sign). Enter an additional a name for the job, so you can distinguish your print jobs. After clicking the OK button you see the blue progress bar and the window closes, the print job has been sent to the print server.

Printing at the printer terminal

To get your printout, please go to any printer terminal (location list see below) within the library or computer lab of ZIMT and run your chip card in the card reader next to the printer. Choose from the list of print jobs. For more information on operation, refer to the information boards at the printer terminals.

Locations of printer terminals:

Main Library Adolf Reichwein Street (AR)

Level 0: In the field of PC-standing desks before the Central Information.

Level 1: In the area between the information desk and the door to the central staircase.

Branch Library Emmi-Noether-Campus (ENC):
You can continue to run your prints to the printer "ENC" and pick up at the circulation desk for Euro 0.25 for every 5 pages or part thereof. Additionally, you can select the printer "Drucksystem der Universität Siegen" and print to any printer in the computer labs at the University of Siegen, or any of the other sites of the University Library.

Branch Library Hölderlinstraße (H):
Near the circulation desk

Branch Library Paul Bonatz Street (PB):
In addition to the PC workstations in the area right of the entrance.

Branch Unteres Schloss (US):
Level 0: Room B004
Level 1: Room B110

Computer labs at the University of Siegen

Printouts are charged per page (at present € 0,04/page)


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