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Search Plugin

Search Plugins for our catalogues

The internet browsers Mozilla and Firefox offer the possibilty to install further search engines in the searchbar (besides the address line). If you choose an engine or a catalogue there, you can enter your search request without retrieving the appropriate internet site and after pressing the enter key you will get to the result set.

For Siegen University Library Catalogue and the Periodicals Catalogue there are search plugins for installation. After the installation you may initiate a basic search in the index "keyword anywhere".

You can also download the required files as a ZIP-File to your computer, unzip them and save them into the appropriate directory.

The plugins consists of two files: opacubsi.src and opacubsi.gif respectively zvubsi.src and zvubsi.gif, they have to be saved into the directory 'searchplugins':

Bei Windows: C:\Program Files\Firefox\searchplugins\
Bei Mac: /Firefox/searchplugins/
Bei Mac OS X: /Applications/
Bei Linux: /usr/lib/Firefox/searchplugins

Mozilla: use the corresponding directory.

Keyword function

When using Firefox you can use the Keyword function beneath the search plugin.

How does it work?

  1. Choose the "Basic Search" in the Catalogue of Siegen University Library and press the right mouse button when the cursor is in the search field (you may use it with all other fields of the advanced search as well - like "person" or "title-keyword")

  2. Choose "Add a Keyword for this Search" respectively "Ein Schlüsselwort für diese Suche hinzufügen"
  3. Assign a name and a short keyword for the search and choose "Save/Speichern"

  4. Hereafter you can enter this key word in the address line of Firefox and after this the search terms, e.g. "ub klimawandel" and you will get a result list of the Catalogue of Siegen University Library.