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Information competence is one of the key qualifications that students are supposed to acquire. In the context of sophisticated training courses the University library imparts necessary skills for effective information research step-by-step. This ranges from selecting suitable search methods, via developing a research strategy up to and including collection and management of information. These skills contribute to higher quality of search results and thus to academic work in general.

The training courses are built up on one another, content-wise and thematically, and are open to any interested party. In addition, tutors and teachers of the University may book individual courses and integrate them into their own lectures.

Since the summer semester 2007 the University cooperates with KoSi – the University´s Competence Centre that supports the University´s departments in conveying key qualifications. In this context we offer a course "Erfahrungsraum Bibliothek – Informationen finden, bewerten und verarbeiten" ("The library – finding, evaluating and processing information") which students can receive 3 ECTS for in the module BS 2.1 "Techniken wissenschaftlichen Arbeitens: Allgemeine Grundlagen".