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Applying for a library card

Please hand in your application at one of our circulation desks (near the library entrance) together with a valid identity card or a valid passport (and an official registration of residence) and a certificate of matriculation (students of the University of Siegen).

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Receiving your library card

You can pick up your library card at the circulation desk in the main library Adolf-Reichwein-Straße (AR).
Please pick up your library card in person by presenting your identity card or certificate of matriculation.

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Validity of your library card

For students of the University of Siegen validity ends with the removal of the students name from the university register. The necessary note of discharge is issued at one of the circulation desks.

For University staff validity ends with termination of the contract of employment. Please inform us about renewal or extension of your contract of employment when applying for an extension of validity for your library card.

For external users validity ends when no library loan services have been exercised within two consecutive calendar years.

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Changing your address or e-mail address

In your own interest, please inform the University library about changes of address or e-mail address as soon as possible.
Non-compliance resulting in financial expenses and / or drawbacks will have to be borne by you.
Changes of address can be communicated via your user account.

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Loss of your library card

Please inform us as soon as possible about having lost your library card in order to prevent abuse. Register your loss at one of our circulation desks. Your library card will be barred from use immediately until further notice. You will be held responsible for any abuse of your library card before registering the loss of your library card at one of our circulation desks. A replacement library card can be issued on demand against payment of a fee.

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Barring the library card from use

The library card will be barred because of following reasons:

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