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Literature management system Citavi - campus license

Siegen University Library offers all members of Siegen University a licensed version of the literature management system Citavi as a service. It allows a second installation on a private pc or usb flash drive for free.
This version allows you to manage individual projects and it is possible to work with multiple persons in local networks or via VPN at team projects at the same time.

For all those who do not yet know Citavi:
Citavi is a windows-based system for literature management and knowledge organization. Citavi enables you to save bibliographical references found in catalogues, databases or other programs into an internal database, manage these data and connect it with word processing documents.
Furthermore Citavi has additional functions, which support the developing process and structuring of a dissertation.

In detail with Citavi you can:

  • detect books via entering the ISBN
  • import search results from databases and references from other programs
  • integrate pdf-files
  • arrange collected references and add abstracts, subject terms and commentaries of your own
  • generate bibliographies (with selectable citations styles)
  • plan the necessary tasks, connected with the compilation of a publication with time limits, priorities and work status
  • include the collected data in your own publication
  • work in local networks or via VPN with multiple persons at individual Citavi projects at the same time

Because of the largely intuitive handling and the broad range of integrated help information Citavi is an user-friendly tool. You can obtain all necessary information to the program, download and the training courses offered by the library on our Citavi information page or under "Citavi" in A-Z on our website.


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