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The Periodicals catalogue (Zeitschriftensuche) enables access to the titles of printed and electronic journals. A complete list of the electronic titles can only be found in the "Electronic journals library EZB".

Navigation bar

The navigation bar is always visible in the upper frame of the catalog. Use this exclusively for navigating the catalogue, navigation via the browser buttons can be uncertain.
Following menu items can be selected:

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For searching the catalogue there are several search criteria, partly only available in the Advanced Search.

Please mark when entering the search terms:

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Basic search

You can start a search request at the first page of the catalogue:

The basic search is available as an edit line within the result list and the item details.

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Advanced search

The advanced search makes it possible to combine up to 3 search criteria. Only search fields, which were filled in, will be considered for the search request.

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Browse index

With the Browse Index function you can browse alphanumerically sorted lists of a choosen index.

You may scroll forwards or backwards within the list. By clicking onto an entry, which is highlighted, you will get a result list for that entry.

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Result list

After a successful search request you will get a result list with short information to author, title, (publication) year and to the existing items. If the resulting record is available on the internet there will be a link in the column URL.

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Full title view

The records with complete title information are displayed in the full title view. This view is called from the short title list. The full title view contains all call numbers of a journal in the row Call number. Also holdings gaps are recorded.

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Item details

The item details shows bibliographic data and detailed information to location and call number. The item details are accessible from the result list and from the detailed title view, but only if there are items for that specific title.

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Search history

In the search history you can access previously made search requests. You reach the history via the link in the navigation bar.
Each search request is listed with the search request and the number of records found.

For viewing a previous search request again in the short title list, mark a search request in the list by checking the small box and click onto the link VIEW.

To delete search requests from the search history, mark one or more search requests in the list by checking the box(es) and click onto the link DELETE.

To combine search requests, mark at least two search requests by checking the boxes and click onto the link COMBINE. Choose an operator for the combination:

Click onto the button COMBINE.
The result will be presented as a new entry in the list of the search history, with VIEW the new result list will be shown.

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My list

On the list are the records, which you have put there during one session from the result list or the detailed title view. It is always accessible via the link in the navigation bar.

Further use of the titles in the basket:

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Saving and sending via email

You have the choice either to save marked records of a result list or to send them to an email address.
There are four formats available:

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Interlibrary loan

Via interlibrary loan literature for studies and research can be requested, which is not available in Siegen University Library. Ordering can be done within the library catalogue via the link "ILL" in the navigation bar. There you will get detailed information for the ordering process (german language only).

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Tips and Tricks

Search strategies

Which kind of search is useful?

Use of the index "Keyword anywhere":

Please notice our training course "Search strategies".

Known restrictions and errors

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Search Plugin

The internet browsers Mozilla and Firefox offer the possibilty to install further search engines in the searchbar (besides the address line). If you choose an engine or a catalogue there, you can enter your search request without retrieving the appropriate internet site and after pressing the enter key you will get to the result set.

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We like to hear suggestions, ideas, questions, criticism, requests or praise about the catalog.
You can contact the employees in the library personally or via email to

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