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A - Z is a list of English keywords concerning services and technical terms related to the Library of Siegen University for which explanations in English are available.

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see: Notebook use

Legal regulations (in German)

see: Information on circulation

Lending periods
see: Information on circulation

Library card
Library catalogue of Siegen University Library

Library catalogue of Siegen University Library - Mobile version (in German only)

The library catalogue is available in a version for smartphones, tablet PCs etc. with the same functionalities as in the catalogue with “classical” user interface.

Picture: Smartphone-icon With the smartphone-icon in the navigation bar of the library catalogue you can search the catalogue, place a reservation and have access to your user account.

Library regulations (in German)
Library use
see: Central Information
see: Informations on circulation
Loan reservations
Log in User account
Loss of the library card
Lost or damaged media
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Central Information
Main Library
Adolf-Reichwein-Straße (AR), floor 0
Phone: 0271/740-4203