Photo: seemingly endless corridor with book shelves on the right and the left

All media available in the University library are listed in the university library’s online catalogue. Here you can find out about the media’s location and the media’s present availability.

If you are searching for journals or newspapers you can make use of the periodicals catalogue. The complete list of electronic journals can only be found in the Electronic Journals Library (Elektronische Zeitschriftenbibliothek, EZB).

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Overview over media array

The largest part of our holdings is freely accessible. Within this open access area the media are sorted according to specialist areas.

In some parts textbooks are kept separately. Please refer to relevant details given in the library catalogue and on the site maps.

The following lists help you to orient yourself in the library. Please make use of the site maps within the individual departments and refer to the indexes given on the shelves.

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Special locations

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Library catalogue

Periodicals catalogue

Media array according to subject

Media array according to location code