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Central information desk

Main Library Adolf-Reichwein-Straße (AR), Floor 0


Tel.: 0271/740-4203

Interlibrary loan department

Main Library Adolf-Reichwein-Straße (AR), Floor 0


Tel.: 0271/740-4262

Interlibrary loan and document delivery

Photo: a pile with some articles that have been delivered via interlibrary loan: red interlibrary orders and print-outs of online-ordering documents

Interlibrary loan order

Via interlibrary loan you can order literature which is not available at Siegen University Library from other libraries. To place an order for interlibrary loaning you have to log in with your library card number and the corresponding password.

You can check the progress of your interlibrary loan orders in your interlibrary loan account. 

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Photo: computer mouse on keyboard

Document delivery services

In addition to interlibrary loaning you can also make use of further document delivery services at your expense. Please note the respective terms of use and licence agreements.

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