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Main Library
Adolf-Reichwein-Straße 2

Branch Library Emmy-Noether-Campus
Walter-Flex-Straße 3, building D, floor 4

Branch Library Hölderlinstraße
Hölderlinstr. 3, building C, floor 4

Branch Library Paul-Bonatz-Straße
Paul-Bonatz-Straße 9-11, building A, floor 0

Branch Library Unteres Schloss
Unteres Schloss 2, building B

Media array according to subject

SubjectSubject classification Location
Architecture, town-planningWSA - WWZPB, groundfloor, right
Architecture, town-planningWWZ - XAZPB, intermediate floor
Architecture, town-planning: bound periodicalsPB, upper floor
ArtsJXA - KFZAR, floor 1
AstronomyVAA - VCZ
AR, floor 2
AstrophysicsVDA - VETENC
Authors in humanities and social sciencesIWA - JWZAR, floor 1: extension
BiologyVNA - VTZAR, floor 2
ChemistryUNA - UZZAR, floor 2
Civil engineering, surveyingXBA - XHZPB, intermediate floor
Civil engineering, surveying: bound periodicalsPB, upper floor
Computer scienceTTA - TZZH, floor 4
Economic and social statisticsQFA - QHAH and AR, floor 1: extension
Economic education and vocational studiesQHN - QKUAR, floor 1: extension
EconomicsPHA - QHAH, floor 4
Education, social education, social servicesHYA - IKZAR, floor 1: extension
Electrical engineeringXVA - YHZH, floor 4
English studiesDEA - EOZAR, floor 2
European Documentation CentreNOA - QWZUS, Ebene 0
General reference worksAAA - AZZAR, floor 0 and
AR, floor 01: open stack
Geo sciencesMRA - NMZAR, floor 2
German studiesBTA - DDZAR, floor 2
HistoryKXA - MQZAR, floor 1
LawQMA - QWZH, floor 5
Linguistics and literary studiesBEA - BSZAR, floor 2
Literature for children and teenagers (Collection)BSJ - BSMAR, floor 01: open stack
Mechanical engineeringXIA - XUZPB, groundfloor, left
Media studiesKKS - KNZAR, floor 1
MedicineVUA - VZZAR, floor 2
MusicKGA - KKRAR, floor 1
Natural sciences in generalSTA - SZZAR, floor 2
Philologies (except: English studies, German studies, Romance studies)GTA - HGZAR, floor 2
PhilosophyHIA - HPZAR, floor 1: extension
Physics (didactics)UMA - UMZAR, floor 2
Political scienceOTA - PGZAR, floor 1: extension
PsychologyHQA - HXZAR, floor 1: extension
Romance studiesEPA - FZZAR, floor 2
Siegerlandsammlung (Literature collection concerning the Sieg Region)ZXA - ZXZAR, geschlossenes Magazin
Social sciences in generalNOA - NWZAR, floor 1: extension
SociologyNXA - OSZAR, floor 1: extension
SportsKOA - KWZAR, floor 1
Technology in generalWAA - WHZPB, groundfloor, left
Technology, other fieldsZEA - ZWZPB, groundfloor, left
TheologyILA - IVZAR, floor 1
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  • The largest part of our holdings is freely accessible.
    In the open access areas the medias are arranged according to their subjects. Every subject has his own subject classification, which structures the subject in special topics. To show the topics subject classifications are used – a combination of three or four letters.

  • To all mentioned subject classifications additional literature is collected in the closed stacks (02 - 09, K, P, R, RZ), in open stack (AR, floor 01), the collections of textbooks in all branch libraries and in the media collection (70/72).
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