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For general information
Dr. rer. nat. Nikola Korb
AR-UB 202, Tel.: 0271/740-4265

Technical questions
Holger Spörl
AR-UB 020, Tel: 0271/740-4258

For questions to doctoral thesis, post-doctoral thesis and other examination papers and to the disposal of your documents

Hochschulschriften- und Tauschstelle
Frau Luise Leidig-Krause
AR-UB 014, Tel: 0271/740-4294

Opening times: Mo-Fr: 8:00 - 15:00 Uhr
Please make an appointment for the disposal of your documents

Information for Authors

Publish new document

With this service of the University Library Members of Siegen University can publish their electronic documents in OPUS Siegen free of charge.

The publishing format in OPUS is PDF (Portable Document Format). For archiving the original format des Dokumentes in OPUS gespeichert werden. Regarding the optimal presentation and archiving of your work tecnical demands on quality must be kept. You should consider this before publishing your document in OPUS Siegen! We would be pleased to help you with problems.

The registration of your electronic document goes step by step by an registration form. After entering the meta data you can updload the pdf-file and the file in original format into a temporary storage of OPUS, which is not open to the public. Your work will be checked formally by the staff of the library, placed on the OPUS server and with this made publicly available. Then modifications of the document will not be possible. Deleting of documents is also not provided. When the document should be modified it has to be entered again, this would correspond to a new editon of a printed publication. 

For Doctoral thesesPostdoctoral theses and other examination papers separate treatments have to be met.

Before publishing your document, note the legal notes.