Photo: books that have been delivered via interlibrary loan: different call number tags and red interlibrary loan documents visible in the the books

General guidelines

Via interlibrary loan you can order literature which is not available at Siegen University Library from other libraries. You have to be a registered library user to do so.

Delivery time usually takes 1 – 2 weeks, but longer waiting periods are possible. You can check the progress of your interlibrary loan orders in your interlibrary loan account.

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Ordering books, book chapters and other media

Interlibrary loan orders for books are placed electronically. To do so you have to log in with your library card number and password.

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Ordering journal articles

Interlibrary loan orders for journal essays are placed electronically. To do so you have to log in with your library card number and password.

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Placing an order after a search with DigiBib-Metasuche

You can also place an interlibrary loan order directly after a search with Digibib-Metasuche:

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An interlibrary loan will cost you EUR 1.50. This handling fee will be charged to your user account, and is due irrespective of fulfillment. For university staff (with library card for university staff) interlibrary loans are presently free of charge.

In the terms of delivery you can also choose up to which sum you would like to meet any additional costs (recommended: at least EUR 8). Additional costs may occur in the case of essays longer than 20 pages or when a title needs to be ordered via the international interlibrary loan. 

Besides that the postage for any notification via mail will be charged to your account in case you have not registered an e-mail address.

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Not all titles are available via interlibrary loan; excluded are in general:

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Notification and collection

You will receive a notification by e-mail or postal mail (postage: see costs) as soon as your interlibrary loan order has been delivered.

The delivered items will be kept for you for up to 10 days. Please pick them up within this time period by presenting your library card at the circulation desk in the main library Adolf-Reichwein-Straße (AR).

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Loaning out and returning media

The lending period for items that have to be returned is set by the lending library and can be found on your pink interlibrary loan form. The loan period begins when the book is placed at your disposal, not when you collect the book!

Please return the item(s) handing in ALL receipts and forms you have at the circulation desk in the main library Adolf-Reichwein-Straße (AR).

If you require an extension of the lending period please present the item in question with any receipts and forms that go with it including your library card at the interlibrary loan desk in the main library Adolf-Reichwein-Straße. Please note that an extension is only possible if the loaning library agrees and if the application for an extension of the lending period has been handed in before the lending period expires. In case the extension is not agreed to you will receive a return request.

In case of overdue items a fine will be charged to your account, calculated according to the Gebühren- und Entgeltordnung der Universitätsbibliothek Siegen (Charge and Compensation Regulations of the University Library of Siegen).

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Terms of use

The University library has to adhere to any and all terms of uses set by the loaning libraries. This includes such restrictions as “Nur Lesesaalbenutzung” (reading room use only) or “Kopierverbot” (copying prohibited). Those media are available for use in the reading room, main library Adolf-Reichwein-Straße (AR), Floor 0.

Reader-Printer and Film-Scanners for microforms are available for use by appointment.

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International interlibrary loan

If an item which has been published outside of Germany is not available in any German library belonging to the interlibrary loaning system, your order can be placed to the international interlibrary loaning system. This can and will only be done with your consent. This will probably lead to longer waiting periods and higher expenses which will have to be carried by you. For more detailed information please contact the interlibrary loan department.

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