EAC-EAW 1830-1890: Realismus. Viktorianismus
EAC Brontë-Sisters (Charlotte, Emily und Anne)
EACD/U Jane Eyre
EACE/V Shirley
EACF/W Villette
EACG/X Wuthering Heights
EACH/Y The Tenant of Wildfell Hall
EAD Robert Browning
EADD/U Bells and Pomegranates (Dramen)
EADE/V The Ring and the Books
EADF/W Balaustion's Adventure
EADG/X Fifine at the Fair
EADH/Y Aristophanes' Apology
EAE Thomas Carlyle
EAED/U German Romance
EAEE/V Sartor Resartus
EAEF/W The French Revolution. A History
EAEG/X On Heroes, Hero-Worship and the Heroic in History
EAEH/Y The History of Friedrich II of Prussia
EAG Charles Dickens
EAGD/U The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club
EAGE/V Oliver Twist
EAGF/W A Christmas Carol
EAGG/X David Copperfield
EAGH/Y Great Expectations
EAH George Eliot (Mary Ann Evans)
EAHD/U Adam Bede
EAHE/V The Mill on the Floss
EAHF/W Silas Marner
EAHG/X Romola
EAHH/Y Middlemarch
EAJ Thomas Hardy
EAJD/U The Return of the Native
EAJE/V Tess of the D'Urbervilles
EAJF/W Jude the Obscure
EAJG/X The Dynasts
EAJH/Y Lyrik
EAK George Meredith
EAKD/U The Shaving of Shagpat
EAKE/V The Ordeal of Richard Feverel
EAKF/W The Egoist
EAKG/X Diana of the Crossways
EAKH/Y Lyrik
EAM William Morris
EAMD/U The Defence of Guenevere and other Poems
EAME/V The Life and Death of Jason
EAMF/W The Earthly Paradise
EAMG/X The Story of Sigurd the Volsung and the Fall of the Nibelungs
EAMH/Y Poems by the Way
EAN Dante Gabriel Rossetti
EAND/U Hand and Soul
EANE/V The Early Italian Poets
EANF/W Lyrik allgemein
EANG/X The House of Life, Sonnet Sequence
EANH/Y The Blessed Damozel
EAP John Ruskin
EAPD/U Modern Painters
EAPE/V The Stones of Venice
EAPF/W Unto this Last
EAPG/X Munera Pulveris
EAPH/Y Sesame and Lilies
EAQ Robert Louis Stevenson
EAQD/U Treasure Island
EAQE/V The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
EAQF/W The Master of Ballantrae
EAQG/X The Weir of Hermiston
EAQH/Y Island Night Entertainments
EAS Algernon Charles Swinburne
EASD/U Mary Stuart Trilogy (Chastelard. Bothwell. Mary Stuart)
EASE/V Atalanta in Calydon
EASF/W Tristram of Lyonesse
EASG/X Poems and Ballads (1866)
EASH/Y Essays zur Literatur
EAV Alfred Lord Tennyson
EAVD/U In Memoriam A.H.H.
EAVE/V Maud and other Poems
EAVF/W Idylls of the King
EAVG/X Enoch Arden
EAVH/Y Lyrik allgemein
EAW William Makepeace Thackeray
EAWD/U The Book of Snobs
EAWE/V Vanity Fair
EAWF/W The History of Pendennis
EAWG/X The History of Henry Esmond
EAWH/Y The Newcomes

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